Thursday, May 7, 2009

Suave Does NOT equal Secret

In a reading blunder, I was recently at the drugstore pickingout deodorant and I am not one to be a follower of a particular brand or anything, I just tend to stay away from some that I have tried in the past that do not work. However, I typically lean towards Secret because it is effective. Probably too much body odor information for the general public, but stay with me. So I picked up my normal blue "Secret" deodorant and went on my merry way.

The weather was slightly warmer but I seemed to be extra sweaty. Then about a week later I a mindlessly putting on the goods and I read on the cap "Suave vs. Secret, can you tell the difference? and I thought huh???? And I turned it around and lo and behold it said Suave! DOH!

Well let me tell ya, Suave is NOT as good as Secret for me and I will be dilligently reading my labels from now on!!

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