Friday, June 14, 2019


We've survived our first week of summer vacation with a full week of activity! Monday we spent a gift card at Claires, got a hair cut, out to lunch, library, doc appt, and lots of organizing.  I was on the couch at 3:41 moaning I was so tired ha.  Tuesday she had a friend over for 6 hours and a softball game.  Wednesday we met a friend at a park, went out to lunch, went grocery shopping and she had another softball game.  Thursday went to the library to collect some reading prizes and a friend came to play for a few hours.  She went out to dinner with her grandma and my husband brought home Pad Thai for me! Today she has plans to go to a friends end of the year party and I'm going to Aldi and the local liquor store to get my dad a father's day present.

My favorite picture from the week:  

playing first base in her last game.  She made an awesome out! 

The high of my week was that we had a great week together.  We revisited how to play Phase 10 and got a lot of cleaning / organizing done and had fun.  Next week isn't so exhaustive, but we do have swim 5 days, summer softball league, attending a minor league game, and a library trip planned.

The low of my week was just looking at the work I need to accomplish in our office/new kid room.  I really need a cheerleader or someone to just throw out all the crap in my desk so I don't have to try to decide if I need it or not.  

The book I’m reading is I am just starting Rush by Lisa Patton.  I read Crazy Rich Asians this week and it was hilarious! I really want to see the movie now.

The best money I spent was the donuts the baby wanted. :)

My plans this weekend include absolutely nothing.  We have nothing concrete planned.  So hopefully something will pop up.  And maybe it will stop raining.  We planted our garden just over 3 weeks ago now and we STILL haven't needed to water it.

What was the high of your week? What are you reading?

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