Friday, June 7, 2019


Whew! Today is the last day of school for my kiddo! I'd been doing pretty good about the whole getting older and being done and just being excited thing until a fellow mom who is also pregnant mentioned our kids were half-way done with elementary school.  And then I became crazy pants.  Me with pregnancy hormones is not my finest hour.  I am not an emotional/crying person but pregnant me is.  And I CANNOT CONTROL IT.  Eeek.  Watch out world!

My favorite picture from the week:  

First Day vs Last Day! 

The high of my week was so many fun things! I volunteered for Field Day, End of the Year Party, and I had a very fun breakfast with a friend today.  I also have a very fun filled first week of vacation planned for us.  I am trying to fill up our days with some fun stuff ahead of time since summer gets so crazy for everyone.

The low of my week was I lost a picture I had in my pocket to give my mom and it seriously has to be in either my hall closet or my car.  I think at least.  But so annoying, because I have to print it out again.

The book I’m reading is Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bojahlian.  I just started it but it's set in 1915 Syria when an American young woman travels there to help Armenians who have been persecuted and she meets a young Armenian and falls in love.  

The best money I spent was I bought myself two new shirts and the kiddo a new dress!

My plans this weekend include hitting up the library summer reading kick off, a funeral, food truck festival, and lazy times!

What was the high of your week? What are you reading?

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