Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Summer Vacation Library Haul 1

Yesterday, we had about an hour to spare in our errands and dropped in at the library.  The kiddo ONLY had 3 books left and had finished one in the car as we drove around.  So we stocked up.  11 books for her and one for me later, we were happy customers!

The first book the kiddo dove into was the 2nd book in the Dork Diaries.  They apparently are a hot item at our local library because she read the first in the series almost 2 months ago and this was the first time I found the 2nd one on the shelves!

I picked up Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.  I've heard a lot of good things about it, and figured it would be a good kick off to summer.  I should be starting it today because I finished The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjahlian last night.  Highly recommend!

She was very excited to get the second book in the Zita series.  She actually started writing her own comic after she read the first one a couple weeks ago.  She also was excited to see books about Spirit.  She has been loving the Lola Levine series and I sadly think she is almost done with it.  She got books 2 and 3 in the Never Girl series because she read the first in the series last week.

She is also working her way through the Arthur Chapter Book series and decided to try out the Candy Apple series.  She also grabbed the next Piper Green series.

She has her own goodreads account that we started this year and she has read 101 books.  She adjusted her goal to 180 but I'm pretty sure she will blow that goal out of the water.

We finished The First Four Years in the Little house series and have just begun A Little House Sampler.  We think we will read On the Way Home next and depending on if there is another Little House ish book we may read that or have agreed that Charlotte's Webb will be our next family read aloud.

As you can tell, my kiddo is obsessed with series as much as I am.  I am hoping to get her started on some Boxcar Children and Ramona books this summer. 

What books would you recommend to the 8 year old? What was your recent library haul? Any summer suggestions for me?

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