Thursday, July 3, 2014

gods in Alabama

Oh my word! Why haven't I checked out a Joshilyn Jackson novel before now??? She has been on my radar for many moons and I picked up gods in Alabama at our recent used book sale at the library and my goodness I devoured it!

Description: For 10 years Arlene has kept her promises, and God has kept His end of the bargain. Until now. When an old schoolmate from Possett turns up at Arlene's door in Chicago asking questions about Jim Beverly, former quarterback and god of Possett High, Arlene's break with her former hometown is forced to an end. At the same time, Burr, her long-time boyfriend, has raised an ultimatum: introduce him to her family or consider him gone. Arlene loves him dearly but knows her lily white (not to mention deeply racist)Southern Baptist family will not understand her relationship with an African American boyfriend. Reluctantly, Arlene bows to the pressure, and she and Burr embark on the long-avoided road trip back home. As Arlene digs through guilt and deception, her patched-together alibi begins to unravel, and she discovers how far she will go for love and a chance at redemption.

I loved Arlene, but man was she kind of dumb for a smart woman! I did enjoy her dialogue and conviction to stay true to her promises to herself, that takes commitment.  Especially, when you give up fornicating for good after having sex with your entire sophomore class, almost. 

If you love sassy southern women and a little side of crazy southern family with a tint of mystery, check this one out.  Perfect for your beach bag or a quick escape.

This book just held so much within it! Mental illness, humor, racism, whodunit, forgiveness, redemption, murder and more.  Jackson is a very humorous writer and her characters were excellent!Loved it so much and I can't wait to check out another one of her books!

Have you read any books by Joshilyn Jackson? What southern based novels do you recommend?

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