Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Catch Up!

We have been packing so much into our days since Isla got over her yucky first two weeks of break cold!  We pretty much went into break on full out retirement party planning mode and then right into camping preparations and then we came home and my best-friend was home from out of state so we went into hang out mode and then 4th of July festivities and then just summer fun activities! Holy run on sentence!

We work best with slow entrances into the day and then a morning activity, rest-time, snack, dinner, play outside with daddy as our man components of our summer.  I have to say this is the first summer were I haven't immediately wanted to go back to work so I feel like I've got this down a little bit!  We can do so much more and I feel like I have a better grasp on the individual she is now that she's a bit older so that makes things easier too.  I do however know that if I were to stay at home allll the time, we'd need to severely restrict some of our morning lazy/tv time and add more crafts and probably go to more kid friendly activities which is always my goal, but I suck at that whole social interaction thing so I tend to only attend things where I may not have to talk to others even though I really would like a new friend or five to hang out with!

We have been making sure to hit up the library once a week so she can get new books, play and get a summer reading prize.  I've been able to grab one book each time but occasionally sneak back later at night alone to get my personal selection.  I've been a reading machine and I love it! I've sucked myself back into the series I enjoy in the summer and I'm almost caught up with the new releases and I am contemplating joining a local mommy book club to discuss parenting stuff.  I even purchased the book but we will see if I chicken out or not!

I had been doing so well with working out in June and then we went camping and it all went to heck.  I've been recorded once a day since then.  The good news is that my eating habits are way better than they were last month even so that has even out stuff.  I came home from vacation the same weight so that is always a plus! And my body finally went back to my, "hey it's summer I don't want to eat as much," mode so that's great.  I do need to get better at drinking water, but for some reason it's soo hard for me to drink things! I know I do better with straws so I have a camelback straw cup that goes everywhere but I just seem to forget to drink until I'm dying!  I've battled some headaches lately and I don't know if it was a combo of dehydration/hormones/weather or what.  But not cool! Ever since giving birth my headaches immediately make me nauseated and I pretty much have to drink a coke to settle my stomach and take care of the headache with medicine.  I follow the coke up with a glass of water but if I do water first I still feel icky!

This morning is our first true super lazy morning all week.  Monday we went to two parks in the morning and then I went to the library by myself that night and did a 2 mile walk in town in a beautiful old neighborhood that was awesome.  Tuesday we went to Target to get some snacks and a gift for my friend's new baby, Isla had an appointment, then we went to Subway for lunch and stopped quickly at the library before we headed home for lunch because she was craaaanky but really wanted a new Elephant & Piggie book from the library.  I have a hard time saying no to books! Hence why she got her Imagination Library book in the mail, a new book at Target and a whole bag full from the library this week.  Between the two of us we have 5 bookcases full plus more in bags and boxes of books.  Yikes.  Wednesday we had a play date with a college friend and her three kids.  I thought hey, two hours outside playing will really knock her out.  Yeah, shortest nap ever.  Thank you neighbors yelling and swearing and using your chainsaw.  Wednesday night the husband and I had a date night at our local wine bar.  He had gotten me a gift card for Mother's Day so we used it on ourselves.  We got there for happy hour and it was buy 1 get one for 1 cent.  So of course we participated.  And then we had to use all 50 dollars at once so we got a ridiculous amount of food (they specialize in food to share) so we shared an olive oil bread tray, perch tacos, russet fries and some sweet and spicy shrimp.  Delicious.  We still needed one more purchase so to accompany my two Malbec's I had a yummy dark beer, I think it was  a stout, but it was vanilla something and it was yummy! Then we decided to go to our local taproom and have a Michigan beer and I tried a new Short's Red that I hadn't had before and it was delicious.  Thursday I woke up at 8:53 and I was supposed to meet my parents at 9 for breakfast because they had my kid! Whoops, got myself around in 10 minutes and managed to not be too late.  Then we headed out on the lake for awhile, hung out for nap time there and then came home for cheeseburgers with the husband.  Today we are going to a store, park and then tonight we are getting pizza and having dinner at a park.  Phew!

Thankfully, this is the only weekend in July we have no concrete plans but I think we may end up going back out on the lake but if not, the pool will be calling our name!

What have you been up to this summer?

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