Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February At a Glance

February was fucking cold.  It was miserable and I am not sad to see it gone.  Here is to hoping for more sun than negative temperatures in March!

Books Read - 3

The Intercept – Dick Wolf (Feb 2nd)
The Execution – Dick Wolf (Feb 13th)
Labor Day – Joyce Maynard (Feb. 18th)
I'd say The Intercept was my favorite and Labor Day was my least favorite.  I am struggling through The Idea of Him which I got for a review copy and I should have known better because it is super chick litty and I'm not digging it but I said I would read it so I'm trying to knock it out.
Favorite Photos - Sadly, I took like TWO photos in February.  Whoops.  Well of my own kid and my own stuff.  I took a ton for work, but I can't share those here.
Woke up way early from a nap so I got snuggles!

This is what you get when the 2 year old refuses to take a picture for grandma and insists on wearing a ridiculous headband.


I really put some time into coming up with varying workouts incorporating the treadmill, my 1990s or is it 1980s step and strengthening workouts.  I only totaled 8.5 miles via the treadmill but I definitely worked out a lot more minutes in February than I did in January.  I've woke up at 5:30 three times now to workout and while I am dying by the end of the day it hasn't been too bad.  I only have about 20ish minutes then and my body takes a good 10ish minutes to want to move and sometimes my legs are just tireeeed.  But I'm trying.  My goal is to be down a few more pounds by the end of the month and work some more on crunches and my thighs.  Oh and running more and more.
Here's hoping to a better, warmer month in March! What was your best parts of February? Links to workouts that can be done with minimal equipment and for uncoordinated folks?

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