Monday, February 3, 2014

The Intercept

I am a Law & Order junkie.  Tons of my Saturday's have been wasted on a couch rewatching my fave episodes.  The only L&O that I could never get into was Criminal Intent.  Besides that looove. Adore.  So, when I got an email to review a copy of Dick Wolf's newest book, The Execution, I jumped on it.  And lucky me, I got to read his first Jeremy Fisk novel too, The Intercept. 

In The Intercept, we are introduced to Detective Fisk who is in Intelligence with the NYPD.  He gets high clearance.  Like federal level clearance on things related to terrorism.  Post 9/11 his division is in charge of finding terrorists and stopping their plans in the U.S.  They have many officers all over NYC working undercover to help keep the city/country safe and Fisk is a big part of it.

Enter the 4th of July weekend and all of it's festivities including the dedication of One World Trade Center at Ground Zero.  First, a flight is almost hijacked by would be terrorist who is thwarted by the good deeds of some of the passengers on board.  Even though the flight happens in the airspace over the Atlantic and the plane lands in Bangor, Maine.  Fisk and his partner Krina, get flown to interrogate the terrorist and the passengers who helped stop him.  (The high level of random crap he could do as an NYPD officer made me roll my eyes a bit in the beginning but beyond that aspect and into the book, I was okay again ha.)  

The Six, as the passengers are known are sent courtesy of the Patriot Act to live it up for the weekend (at least) under the watchful eye of NYPDs finest.  They are national heroes and potential targets.  And of course NYC/USA needs the positive spin on terror.  Meanwhille, the would be hijacker doesn't really jibe with the task force and they start digging for what or what might not be more.

What follows is a jam packed weekend of thrills, mystery and clues to find out if they are right or wrong, all before the dedication ceremony at the end of the weekend acting as their finish line.

If you like Law & Order, thrillers, mystery and real life scenarios, check it out! I loved it.  Can't wait to start The Execution!

Do you watch Law & Order? Which is your favorite version? Who are your favorite characters? Do you like reading mysteries that read like real life?

I received this book to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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