Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Execution

It is well documented that I am addicted to series so when I had the opportunity to review this book and the first book in Dick Wolf's Jeremy Fisk series I jumped on it.

I devoured the first book,  The Intercept in a 24 hour period.  Then I jumped right into The Execution and it took me over a week.  Now, I liked it, and I don't know exactly WHY it took me so long to get through it as opposed to The Intercept, but I have a couple theories.  The first one was action packed and I wanted to find out who the secret person was and it was incredibly close to something that could happen in real life.  This one while there was some action it wasn't more until the very end and that part did fly for me, but the build up was more story and that led me to another reason it took me a little while longer.  The very beginning of the book deals with beheadings of multiple people and I just couldn't get into it.  That is one of those things that I just can't read/listen about cuz UGH.  Now I read some pretty dark stuff but that is just something I don't deal well with and that is how the book started out!

Description: NYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk must make an uneasy ally - the disturbingly beautiful and assertive Mexican Intelligence Agency Detective Cecilia Garza. She recognizes the signature of assassin Chuparosa - a hummingbird carved on a corpse. After years of pursuit, she knows only that he is heading to Manhattan - with the rest of the world for UN Week.

Ten days after the Mexican presidential election, 23 bodies were found beheaded on the US border, each carved by Chuparosa. Near New York, Rockaway has a mass murder. There is more to this threat than meets the eye — and justice is not always blind.

I do really enjoy Wolf's writing and will continue reading this series.  The character of Fisk is likeable and reminds me of Stabler from Law & Order in the way that he bends his role to help justice when he thinks it won't be done by someone else.  He never gives up, even when he injured in the line of duty and poisoned with radiation. He wants to stop terrorism and no matter what he will do it. If that means freezing in the wilderness of Upper New York State or rushing abandoned warehouses to stop human trafficking. 

Garza was also a great character who wouldn't be corrupted even with corruption the norm in Mexico.  She is in New York with the President of Mexico as part of his security detail.  He was her former professor and he wants her to be part of his team but she struggles with giving up her day job and the opportunities to end corruption throughout Mexico.  Even when give an opportunity to take justice she wanted badly into her own hands she chose the legal moral option.  It was nice to have her storyline after Krina's role was finished in the first book.

If you are a thriller/mystery lover I recommend you to check out this series! Have you started a new series recently? What is your favorite series? Or do you *gasp* loathe series?

I was given a copy of this book to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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