Thursday, February 20, 2014

A few of my favorite recent reads...

I love blog reading.  It is one of my biggest time sucks/aka me time.  But one of the first that I let go when I am super busy.  I love reading what others think and feel and like finding those that I agree with or find myself wishing I had said it like that..

An interesting post on time and priorities and getting it all done and how to balance it all.

Sluiter Nation had a post 'being the change' about how she became a teacher to read and talk about books not save the world and I feel it deeply.  While I became a teacher for many reasons, sharing my love of reading and history was one of them.  Being better than what I had in school was another but I did not set out to save the world, but some days, with some kids, my kids, OUR kids, need help.  They need smiles, love and encouragement.  They need a save place and sometimes it's hard knowing what they go home to.

I was searching for new healthy living blogs to follow because I'm looking for new recipes.  Specifically, snacks and lunch ideas and I came across this post about creating mini-habits that then help you get to the bigger goal.  Just starting small is still starting.  Even if it is adding in a fruit at lunch and a veggie the next day.  Even if it's an extra glass of water besides the pop.  Baby steps are still steps. 

Lessons Learned at Naptime hit me hard.  I always make great plans.  I'm the best list maker ever.  But the executing? I suck at that.  Also? I pretty much 'waste' naptime all the time.  But it's me time and honestly, have a clean house is not on the top of my 'me' time activities.  So, if you are planning on stopping by, please give me warning so you don't think we live like slobs.

It has been a rough winter and as I am doing my own countdown to my spring break destination this post on Key West reminded me how much I want to visit and how it could be a family affair, especially with renting a house as opposed to a hotel.    And she followed it up with a Key West Food post!!

Mothering the Mother is just beautiful.  Law Momma just captures my thoughts perfectly on this subject. 

The winter is getting to me and Kyria's recap of her visit to Lisa in North Carolina has cemented that when we do our Carolina's trip someday that we must go to Asheville!

Have you read something recently that has stuck with you?

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