Monday, December 30, 2013

My Top Ten Books Read in 2013

I got a little stingy with my 5 star rating this year and I don't even have five books rated at 5 that weren't all brand new.  Two were re-reads! However, most of my books I gave a 4 star goodreads rating.  My Top Ten Books that I read this year are...

1. The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corsanti

Seriously, if you have not read this book you need to.  It might not catch you at first but it is worth your attention.  Put it on your 2014 to-read list!

2. Beach Music by Pat Conroy

Such an enticing tale of family and it is an epic tale of when family is too close and when they pull apart.  How to separate and find your own way and still keep true to your roots.

3.  The Grant County Series by Karin Slaughter

I read most of the books in this series this year and ah, I love it.  A lot gory and a lot gruesome but if you like thrillers, you need to check her out!

4. Theory of Opposites by Allison Winn Scotch

This is my third book by this author and I really liked this one.  It was thought provoking bringing up questions about how we live our life and what is pre-decided and what we make for ourselves.

5. The Widows of Braxton County by Jess McConkey

This had me turning the pages super fast to find out who did what and how Kate was going to come out of the situation.

6.  Folly Beach by Dorothea Benton Frank

She made me fall in love with South Carolina and devote countless hours into planning a spring break that won't be happening in 2014 to this lovely state.  This book weaves the past and present with humor, grace and love.

7.  Those Who Save Us - by Jenna Blum

This was one of my most highly recommended books this year.  Second only to The Almond Tree.  No one was disappointed yet.  If you are into WWII
books, get thee to a library!

8. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I love this man.  He writes what I wish my high school self could have lived.  Character friend wise.  Not dying from cancer or without a loving family away at boarding schools and such.  I need to check out the rest of his books in 2014 besides the three I've already devoured.  If you are contemplating checking out a YA author I highly recommend him and Sarah Dessen. 

9. The Dinner by Herman Koch

I struggled with including this one.  I loved/hated it.  Kinda like Gone Girl where you hate the characters but the devoured the book.  It moves fast so if you like mysteries that move quickly, check it out. 

10. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

Oh my goodness.  Why did I wait so long to read this? I devoured it in a day! I got it for Christmas and it was done by the 27th! I probably should have read the book description and I would have read it sooner! ;)

What were your top ten books read in 2013? After looking through mine, I'm hoping for better reads this year and perhaps not being so stingy with the 5 star rating to make this post at the end of next year a tad easier! ;)

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