Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Intentions

I used to recap what I did every month and I think I may have attempted goals for some time period at another time but I'm not consistent with my decisions.  Like sharing the books we read in preschool every week? Dude that took a lot of work. Maybe if I hadn't taken a graduate class, went full time, and had a 2 year old this fall I could have done it.  But, such is life.  However, in my small steps at a more organized chaos I've already smashed meal planning a month ahead and I've purged/reorganized my office to the point where I can purge and get rid of more and it not seem undoable so here I am on the verge of 2014 with hoping that if I start with intentions in December that perhaps I can carry it over into the new year.  Otherwise, this may be the last time you ever hear about this.

Moving on...

What I plan on accomplishing this month

1.  Read 4 more books for the year.  I've already blown my 50 book goal out of the park (thank god for summer vacation) but I've been in a lull since school started and I have some time to read and there are some excellent books I want to devour.

2. Walk/run 20 miles.  Baby stepping it back into shape.

3. Do one Christmas related craft with the child.  I feel bad for her.  I use all my energy on the 4 year olds and then I just dun wanna do it when I come home and that makes me feel pretty crappy but then I remember that she is loved, fed and knows more letters and shapes than some of my 4 year olds and that crafts aren't what will make or break our relationship. Seriously, count your blessings and hug your babes. 

4.  Throw/donate away one more garbage bag full of stuff.  My downstairs is a wreck right now but it is a storage area of outdoor play toys over the winter but some of that crap doesn't need to make it until spring, nor do some of my child's toys nor do some of my toys and some of my college crap can hit the can.

And not so importantly but still worth mentioning I plan on singing my heart out with all the awesome Christmas songs.  I need to get myself another CD for the car.  LOOVE Christmas songs.

What are your intentions for December? Just to survive?  At the low end, that's all I'm really hoping for. ;)

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