Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Favorites

I'm totally stealing this idea from Amber but I thought it would be fun to share!

Favorite Holiday Drink:

I generally drink a lot of wine this time of year.  Cheap red merlot is always a go-to(any wine recommendations?) but I also like what my uncle calls a Snowball? I think but is definitely a dirty girl scout shot in drink form.  Or dark beer.  I guess I drink all of these all year long, but they are still yummy!!!  My current favorite winter time beer is Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. Yum!

Favorite Holiday Movie:

I have a few.  I looove Love Actually and can't get enough of Elf.  I also like watching It's a Wonderful Life and Sound of Music which I classify as a holiday movie.  We may own multiple copies of the Sound of Music and a record for our record player.  The goodbye song may be used at our house to say goodbye to guests as they leave late night parties and Edelweiss was the song my husband danced with his mother at our wedding.  His family is a tad Sound of Music obsessed.  Speaking of, did you catch Carrie Underwood in the Live NBC version? We of course enjoyed it because we like Sound of Music but ehh.. her acting as a bit stiff.  It did get better as it went on.  I would highly recommend seeing a production of it if you get the chance!

Favorite Holiday Treat:

Oh man.  I looove the caramels that my husband makes every year from his grandma's recipe.  MY grandma used to make them and then he took over when she could no longer with his family recipe and yummm.  I've always been known to sneak a few as I walk by them.  BAD BAD BAD.  I also looove sugar cookies.  Yum.  We made cookies this year using Betty Crocker's recipe for the cookies and frosting.  They were very yummy!

ok, to be fair this is from when we made a gingerbread house but I didn't put the cookie pictures on the computer yet, and really, this is what cookie decorating looked like too ha
Favorite Holiday Song:
I love Christmas songs! I could listen to them all year long.  Some of my favorites are Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Holy Night, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman and lots more!
Favorite Holiday Activity:
I love going shopping with my mom.  And playing euchre while drinking beer with cousins.  Going to look at Christmas lights.  Shoveling while it's snowing (once a year only ha), singing carols around my grandma's piano (miss her so much!), and watching the kids get so excited about Christmas!
What are your holiday favorites? Merry Christmas!!!!

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