Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nantucket Nights

I have been meaning to check out a book (any book, but I think Barefoot got me interested) by Elin Hilderbrand since 2009, but have kept pushing it off because I'm afraid I won't like it and I really want to like her books. She sort of made me think of Kristin Hannah, who I adore, but I was so afraid that I would roll my eyes and not like a book of hers I put it off until this August when I finally checked out a few of her books.  Nantucket Nights, is the first book of hers that I've read and I have mixed feelings.

Kayla, Val and Antoniette meet once a year for Night Swimmers, a weird ritual they have perfected over the years, where they meet, drink champagne, tell secrets and swim nude.  Every year it's awesome, no problems, til this year when Antoniette goes missing, Kayla's relationship with Val is ruined along with her reputation.

There were some pretty unbelievable plot lines and the book ended with a few too many loose ends and with an outcome of a decision Kayla makes that I didn't support. I mean the writing in the book is good, it's a quick read and it's not tooo chick lit-y that I was rolling my eyes, I mean it's real and not 'oooh woe is me' and all but Kayla kind of sucks and so do her friends. You start out kind of thinking Kayla's husband is an ass and you come to realize he may be the best person in the book. The characters are horrid people and do terrible things to each other.

I'm really not sure I can say I like it or not. I really want to like it and I will try to read another of her books because I still really want to like her, but consider me still undecided.
Have you read any books by Hilderbrand?

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