Sunday, November 6, 2011

Art Every Day

My friend Leah over at Creative Every Day hosts a challenge each November to create art every day.  I decided I wanted to play along and have a few things to share with you from the beginning of November.

Since I am so not creative and artistic, bare with me.  And I decided that since I am also trying to workout more, not eat McDonald's, work and raise an almost 6 month old, planning ideas and purchasing things also counts.  So does picture taking.  Yeah, I bend the rules.  But, it's the thought that counts, right? Plus, everyone else participating blows me out of the water anywhoo.

I made this at work on Nov. 1st.  We collected leaves, pine cones and what not from outside and this is what I created at the Art Center that day. :P

On Nov. 2nd, I took this scarecrow out of our Art Center and started coloring with a cute little student of mine.  And it was a very craaazy day, so as you can see, I did not finish it.

Nov. 3rd, was SUPER duper uber crazy at work and I meant to just finish coloring the scarecrow, but didn't have time and when I got home that night, no time to color.  So, I decided my putting together this cute outfit on the little sweetheart was my 'creativity' of the day.  Baby legs, jean jumper, onesie and a handmade (not by me) hair bow.

Friday, I was a googling machine, had high hopes of creating some sort of Thanksgiving decoration.  Yeah, our house has no craft items apparently.  So I thought, hey I will make a book for Isla, (totally stealing that idea from Leah).  But I kind of wanted to start it with a board book like she did and not just construction paper.  So I decided not to start anything.  But my idea of the day is making a book for Isla.

Saturday, I went out to Target and picked up craft sticks.  That's all I got.  Lame, I know.

Who knows, what today has in store.

Head on over to Leah's blog to see people who are much more talented and have much better ideas than me!

What have you created lately?

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