Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A day in the life of Becky...

Happy Tuesday! Today, we get to sneak a peak into Becky's life.  Hope you enjoy!

When Emily told me she was starting this series I was more than happy to participate! Maybe it’s the stalker curiosity in me, but I always like to see how people spend their days.

I chose a Sunday to document, and figured it would be productive, but leisurely. My husband Ben had gotten sick a few days before, so I spent the majority of the weekend taking care of him, but this Sunday I’d set aside for getting things done. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Slept until 9:30 AM - This was quite a luxury because I’m normally up much earlier than this, even on weekends. I made tea and had breakfast while thumbing through the cookbook I’d won in a giveaway, getting excited to try new recipes.

10-11:30 AM - Munched on apple chips, wrote blog posts, and planned out others. (The best way I blog is through organization).

11:30 - Realized I had an appointment for a haircut in half an hour and needed to get moving. Tried unsuccessfully to wake my husband, so prepped tea and soup (as much as I could) so he wouldn’t have to do too much when he got up.

11:45 - Washed my face, threw on some clothes and received a phone call from my brother and two-year old niece right before walking out the door. I hated not being able to talk to her, but grinned when I heard her yell “bye bye Beck!” at the top of her lungs. (The volume at which she says everything these days). Made it to the salon with two minutes to spare. Score.

12-2 PM - Haircut, picked up a couple things at Target, talked to Ben, made a run to Starbucks to get a certain kind of drink for his throat (I’m a total pushover when he’s sick), talked to a friend on the phone, came home and admired how good hair looks the day you get it cut.

2-3:15 PM - Prepped a new crockpot recipe, made pumpkin bread, made soup and tea for Ben, ate lunch.

3:15-4 PM - Had a video chat with the lovely Kyla, took pumpkin bread out of the oven, and admired Kyla’s new red hair. (Not necessarily in that order).

4-5 PM - Did a couple of things for work, talked with my niece (for as long as a two-year old can talk anyway), and folded laundry.

5-6:15 PM - Made more tea for Ben, talked to a friend on the phone, worked on more blog posts.

6:15-8 PM - Followed my father-in-law to his mechanic because he was dropping off his car overnight. Got stuck in traffic on local roads (ah, Northern Virginia), but enjoyed the time it gave me to catch up with him in the car. Made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up crackers for Ben.

8 PM - Home. Switched laundry and collapsed in a chair, complaining to my husband that I was exhausted, but felt like I hadn’t done anything that day. (He pointed out that thanks to this post I had a whole list of things I’d done!)

8:20 PM - Ate dinner and read. (We normally don’t eat dinner this late, but I’d gotten it into the crock pot pretty late, and it needed to cook for six hours).

Brushed my teeth, washed my face, and was asleep by 9:30 PM - again, I’m normally not in bed this early, but because of the pace I’d kept that day I was wiped.

Looking at this all written down, I realize I did a lot that day, but I guess I was frustrated because I didn’t feel like I had anything tangible to show for it. And trust me, this is NOT how I spend most Sundays. (Those usually involve sweats and some instant Netflix).

Do you ever have days where you did a lot but didn’t necessarily think you accomplished anything? Thanks for having me!

Thanks Becky! Hearing about that Sunday, just about wiped me out! I am much more the sweatpants and football watching type of gal on a Sunday.  Next week, we will sneak a peak into Miranda's life!

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