Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things That Irritate Me (just a small portion)

When people ask other people for their opinion (ESPECIALLY in a public forum) and do not get the answer they want they get all bent out of shape. Get over it. You asked and people told you what they think. Not everyone thinks the same as you. If you only want to hear POSITIVE things, it isn't happening unless you find the forum for whatever it is you desire to hear positive things on.

If you ask me about your potential child's name and I say it sounds like a hooker name to me, that is the truth! I am not going to say oh it's okay. No, it has a definite connotation in my head, so sure as heck I am going to tell you what it is. A blogger got a little upset with my comment on her post a few months ago because she was asking opinions if a bag was cute or not and I said I thought it was ugly. She actually went off on me for being mean and said if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Um. what? You asked what we thought about it???? It was ugly. I told you. Just like I tell my mother that purses she picks out or shirts she points out are ugly. Then the best was when her bloggy cohorts all ganged up and called me such a meanie. It was a day of pure hysterics for me. Seriously, get your panties out of a wad and realize not everyone likes the same things you do. When you post it on the Internet it is fair game. But all those clicks I get from people who get angry, are also awesome so thanks for the traffic! ;)

Another thing that irritates me is when people post EVERY freaking detail of their life in their facebook status. Yes, I am very sad for you that you are having a miscarriage. No, I nor your hundreds of other friends need to or WANT to hear about you passing your fetus. Hourly updates not needed. And for all that is holy, if you are going to link to your blog that you write about said incident, would you please at least research trying to conceive and fertility so you don't sound like a moron? And PLEASE stop blaming the doctors for doing their dang job.

Also, pets are not kids. Do not compare your puppy to my unborn child. They will not be cousins and no it is not like having a baby. No I will not be purchasing it a Christmas gift and no it is NOT welcome at my home. It is a pet.

And these are just a few things that irritate me..... What irks you?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You were due for a rant, my dear! Wow! I agree, though - people shouldn't ask for opinoins if they aren't ready to hear both the good and the bad. Otherwise they shoudl say - 'what do you think of this bag? If you don't like it, don't comment, though...' Kind of funny, actually.

I can not imagine posting about a miscarriage on facebook... Wow. That is an awful thing to go through but to me, that is something really private that is only shared with closest friends/family... It is always suprirsing to see what people put on there... I get so annoyed with FB, I have almost deactivated my account...

Amber said...

I CAN"T STAND people who are constantly negative in their facebook and/or twitter updates. I'm sure your life isn't THAT BAD people, give it up!

And yes, comparing animals to unborn children is going to far BUT I do call Webster my kid... for now ;)