Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There is someone I would like you to meet..

I have been keeping a dirty little secret from my bloggie friends for almost 3 weeks now.

I'm pregnant!!!!!!!! ;)

We are sooo excited, nervous, scared and every other emotion under the sun! My husband is so cute and I think I love him more than ever just because of how ridiculously cute and helpful he is, and that he wants to know EVERYTHING. So freaking cute.

I was going to wait awhile to tell you all, but seriously it is hard to keep a secret and umm I've been so exhausted that I can barely read and coming up with posts is pretty hard when your brain is mush.

I haven't been sick. I've been through phases of super hungry, super tired and umm that sounds GROSS. I smell everything and that is gross, I have stared to get mild heartburn which is not cool, but if I an continue this no sickness thing I would die a happy lady. I should be around 6 weeks (today actually!) and do not have an appt. with my midwife until Oct. 12th, which is kind of why I haven't wanted to say anything, but it is HARD.

We've told our parents, siblings and a few close friends. Trying to keep it off the extended families radar until after a few family get togethers so I don't strangle any of the rude commenters and cuz I'd like to see my baby and make sure it is baking properly before we introduce him or her (I'm thinking him) to the whole world.

So lucky you, blog readers get a sneak peek intro! ;)

How far along? 6 weeks
Weight gain/loss: so far staying steady with zero weight gain and zero weight loss
Maternity clothes? - no but the bloat is ridiculous and i prefer sweatpants as soon as I get home
Stretch marks? no
Sleep? I am so tired, sleeping about 9 hours a night and occasionally taking a nap
Best moment this week? my husband singing John Denver to my belly
Food cravings: usually only want nachos, coke and Italian subs
Gender: I think boy.. hubby keeps saying red-headed girl
Belly button in or out? same as always innie
What I miss? beer
What I'm looking forward to: Everything!


CGLnyc said...

How wonderful! Congratulations!!

Here's to a relatively sick-free, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery! Cheers!

Becky said...


Becky Jane said...

Yipee for you! Congratulations and keep us posted!

Amber said...

Awww this is so exciting lady! Congratulations! I can't wait to follow your blog through this next journey in your life!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Omg, congrats!! I am so happy to hear that you have not been sick - hope that continues! If you can avoid that, that is awesome. I had a friend that was uber sick until week 15 and it just seemed like the most unpleasant thing... but at least she gets a cute baby out of the deal.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your exciting news! :)

Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

WOOHOO!!!!! Yay, this is so exciting!!!! I especially want to hear about any funky food cravings you have!

Kennedy said...


Wolfe said...

wooo hoo! Congrats! Is this your first?

Jennie said...


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

What amazing news!!! Congratulations! :)

Papps said...

Love it!! <3

Heather said...

I was waiting for this!! Yay!!! I think its a boy too!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! This was so not what I was expecting when I opened your blog today. WAHOOOOO :) I hope you plan to write about this experience- I'm learning all abotu the pregnancy process from blog friends- though I don't plan to be there for several years haha.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Welcome to pregnancy and the joys and work of it :) I just posted a 34 week photo today so you can see what you have to look forward to. I won't scare you by telling you how much weight I've gained ;)
It was so hard keeping the secret at the beginning for us, but we did, even from my parents.
I am so excited for you!!

Leigh Hutchens Burch said...

AHH!! OMG! I'm so sorry that I JUST now saw the news. I have been a bad blogger lately and seriously haven't opened my reader in three weeks.

I'm so happy for you! My tip is to ENJOY every moment. (I'm 29 weeks pregnant and I feel like the time is just flying by!)

I can't wait to trade preggers stories with you. :) YAY!!!