Monday, September 20, 2010

The Doctor and the Diva

There are not many times when I think a book would make a great movie, but this is one of those rare times. I think this would make a MUCH better movie than a book? Are you shocked? ;) It was a really great story but it was slow in some parts and I really think a movie would do the singing scenes justice.

The Doctor - Dr. Ravell is a women's doctor in Boston, nearing 30 and single. It's the early 1900s and even though he is single, the doctor does have a relationship with a former MARRIED patient. She is about a decade older than Ravell and is in a loveless sexless marriage, which is how he justifies it. However, he also has another MARRIED patient that tries to get his attentions and that one is a bit more conniving than he gives her credit for. Dr. Ravell really needed to venture out paast his patients for his love interests! Even though it IS the early 1900s he is very much on 'newer' ideas and helps couples with fertility issues.

The Diva - Erika von Kessler, married name Myrick, is a beautiful opera singer who is struggling to have a child with her importer husband Peter. Peter is adamant that he have a child and drags Erika around insisting she get everything possible done to knock her up. But will he allow HIS sperm to be tested? HA. CUZ how dare someone question his manhood. :::rolls eyes:::: By the time Erika and Peter seek out Dr. Ravell Erika is done. She is tired and her heart has already gotten over the idea of a child. She wants her career to blossom and she knows it will be hard stuck in Boston and with a child. She is just biding her time until she can do what she wants.

Dr. Ravell and Erika & Peter strike up a very close relationship and the whole situation ends up wierd and a little messed up.

But, I would very much watch a movie version of this book because I think that done right it would be beautiful and have excellent singing. However, reading it was a bit slow and I skimmed some descriptions because I am not a description reader. ;)

Anyone else fascinated with books about the early 1900s?

I received this book from Crazy Book Tours. All opinions are my own!


Jennie said...

I won this on Goodreads and I agree...the movie would have beautiful singing! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Interesting! I don't know that i've ever read a book that I thought would make a better movie!!

And I do like books based in the early 1900s...