Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Girl Who Played With Fire

First off.. the winner of the second summer giveaway is... Lisa of Lisa's Yarns! Lisa you must be one lucky lady since you won by my other one, or it could be because no one else entered besides Julie (thanks lady!).. I will try to send it out today! ;)

The Girl Who Played With Fire starts off about a year after The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ends. We find out that Lisbeth has gone off and traveled the world and has been zealously reading about Mathematics. She gets hung up on Fermat's Last Theorem and fills notebook pages trying to solve it. She hasn't talked to Mikael in almost a year and can't believe she allowed herself to 'love' him.

Mikael is super busy at Millennium still and seemingly has no idea why Lisbeth is not returning his calls or nowhere to be found.

Eventually Lisbeth makes her way back to Stockholm and reconnects with an old flame, buys herself a ridiculous new apartment and trying to figure out what to do with her billions and checks in on her guardian and then on Mikael. She finds a startling connection between the story Millennium is working on, her douche of a guardian and her past. She meets up with the two reporters working on the case and the next thing you know, they are dead, her prints are on the weapon and the douche of a guardian is dead as well.

Of course, everyone points the blame on Lisbeth and paints her as a maniac in the press. Her dear friend Mikael does not believe it and races against the police to clear her name.

I really really really liked this book about 983434324 times better than the first. I would suggest forging through the first just to get to this book it was so good. Kelly even told me! ;) She's a smart cookie. I started it on the beach on Wednesday and finished it Friday. And there are a LOT OF pages. It was so good. Totally up in the top books of the year. ;)

What's your favorite series? (Mine is Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series!!)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh wow. You burned through that super fast! I actually really liked the 1st book, so if the 2nd book is even better, I am going to love it! I actually own this already but just haven't gotten around to reading it yet...

My favorite series is probably Harry Potter. I adored those books. I would liek to go back and re-read them, but there are so many other books that I haven't read that I want to read. Too many books, so little time.

And holy moley, it is my lucky day, winning twice in a row! :)

J said...

I want to read both those books so badly but the first one is NEVER available at the library!!!

Kelly said...

Yay I'm so glad you liked it better!
I just love series books in general because you don't have to be sad when a book you like is over. I'm SO bummed about this series though because the author planned for it to be TEN books...and then he passed away after only writing 3. Really sad! I think he was only in his 50s too!

Kelly said...

Oh and PS. J- I am a huge library person too and try to never buy books however the first one in this series is available in paperback for $7 now, which is not terrible if you did want to buy it :)