Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dying Scream - Mary Burton

I received this book awhile ago (like months) from a giveaway from J-Kaye's Book Blog. Probably in 2009, I don't really remember ha. I just got around to REALLY read it (it's been my purse book for awhile) and I finished it off in one sitting. It's an adavanced uncorrected copy, so I tried to keep that in mind as I found errors and got a little irritated.

It's definitely a book that gets you in the middle of the who-dunnits and the suspense doesn't disappoint too much. I can see this being a pretty decent movie with some attractive actors. ;)

The book is about Adrianna Barrington who is a wealthy widow of a foolish womanizer Craig Thornton. Craig was killed in an accident and Adrianna miscarried their child in this same accident. Craig lingered after the accident for 2 years in a coma before dying. The book opens with Adrianna trying to finish up the sale of Craig's families estate and pay of his debts and move out of the town that has caused her so much misery. Adrianna also recently found out she was adopted and that her adopted parents had a child that died right before they got her, also named Adrianna. When Adrianna hires a company to move the Thornton families craves they make a grisly discovery. Two unmarked graves, of women who have been murdered. Enter Gage Hudson, an attractive dectective that Adrianna briefly dated when broken up from Craig.

The mystery continues as they realize the dead women all can be connected to Craig. And Adrianna keeps getting wierd phone calls, letters and flowers from her DEAD husband. The chemistry between Adrianna and Gage is hard to deny and of course they muddle the waters. Gage has to work fast to figure out who has killed these women and why there are now fresh murders with the same murder weapon. Will he figure out who did it before they get to Adrianna?

The book was pretty entertaining but it did add in extra storylines that should have been followed up better on or could have been ignored. Like why did we have to a relationship develop between the forsenic expert and the coroner? Or why not wrap up who was working with Janet? But then again this was the advance copy and the final product so maybe those discrepencies worked themselves out, or maybe I am the only one who hates when books don't explain the drama they cause to make you think other people are the who dunnits. ;)

Basically, it was a fast thriller read and a book I'd take to the beach with me. The first couple pages made me think it might make me feel uncomforable to read it, but they were probably the most graphic of the whole book.

What suspense/thriller are you planning on taking to the beach with you this summer?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I usually don't read murder/mystery/thriller type books, but my local book club decided to switch things up a bit and we are going to read "Cover Her Face" by J.D. Robb. Robb is a British mystery writer that my good friend raves about, so it should be a fun read. Plus it's only 214 pages, which is perfect for a summer selection as people's summers get so busy.

It's funny that I dn't read this genre much any more, considering how freaking many R.L. Stine and Goosebumps books i read in my younger days!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Correction - I meant P.D. James! I had this whole conversation about P.D. James last night w/ a friend who thought that was the pseudonymn for Nora Roberts mystery series... I guess J.D. Robb was still on my brain.

That is awesome that you got House Rules. Still no luck on my end... So I am going to have to bow out & miss this month unfortunately! :(

Anonymous said...

The one thing I hate about advance or self published copies are the mistakes. It really does take away from the enjoyment of the book.
Did you like the name Gage? It's on our shortlist if we have a boy :)

Kelly said...

Wow you impress me with your speed reading. I love mystery books because I find they totally suck me in!