Thursday, June 3, 2010

A day in the life...

Summer is here and with that my desire to eat healthier and workout more. So here is a snapshot into yesterday and what happened.

started off the morning by sauteing mushrooms and asparagus (fresh from my backyard!) with some garlic powder, onion powder and pepper..

added in an egg/milk combo..

and my lovely breakfast... scrambled egg with mushroom and asparagus and some yummy strawberries and grapes!

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I spent most of the morning researching different eating/work out plans and looking at interesting recipes long with some cleaning..
I decided to time how many crunches and push ups I could do in one minute intervals..
35 crunches and 11 push ups if you were wondering.. (boo)
HOPING that the rain would stop.. it did not..
so I had one of these delicious raspberry chocolate bars and decided....

a little rain never hurt anybody! except maybe my mp3 player that would randomly stop working when it got wet every now and then! so i popped on my hat and went out for a 1 mile run/walk

and here I am AFTER that little run/walk.. i didn't time myself because i kind of just ran out the door but i felt good.. i decided that instead of doing the couch to 5k AGAIN.. and not finishing i am going to stick with my 1 mile route and get up to being able to run it all and then move on from there...
since my summer plan is wake up, start the coffee, go for a mile walk, drink coffee / watch the news and play around on the internets, clean for awhile, go workout again, and then get ready for my day.. so along with my mile walk i will be doing something else.. either 30 day shred (when i figure out how to use the play station!) bike riding, running or inline skating.. and then what other activities i do in the afternoon with friends or hubby (hiking, walking, bike riding etc..) are bonus! since last Wednesday when i started this i am down 2 pounds! and by starting i mean after a day of work i road my bike over 2 miles, ran/walked .6 miles, jump roped and did crunches.. so here is to a healthier summer!

my lunch.. chicken salad (mixed with mayo, mustard and celery) topped with lettuce and tomato (realized all of mine were pretty much bad boo) celery on the side, some pineapple and baked southwestern ranch lays potato chips! (yummmm)

dinner.. salad (lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, asparagus, olives, celery with some Parmesan and peppercorn dressing) baked red potato with butter and some salt & pepper, applesauce and some chicken from a roasted chicken i got at the store the other day..

and what better way to end a summer night than with ice cream! a soft serve carmel with nuts from McDonald's! yummmm

So, the exercise wasn't fabulous *but it was a start* and the eating does leave room for improvement but hey I did something!
What are your favorite summertime meals? What are your favorite ways to exercise? Any suggestions??


Amber said...

I'm eating one of my very favourite summertime meals right now as I read this! Yogurt mixed with strawberries and granola = YUM!!!

I LOVE running and doing anything outdoors in the summer, biking, tennis etc!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your breakfast (and all the meals, really) looks delish! Good for you for getting the healthy eating off to a good start (and for running/walking in the rain!).

My favorite summer meals are made on the grill. Grilled chicken. Grilled shrimp. Grilled salmon. mmm. I can't have a grill at my condo, though, so I only get to eat those kinds of things when I am at my parents' cabin. So during the week, my favorite meals are taco salads, yogurt with strawberries, and scrambled eggs!

Gracie said...

Summer forces me to be creative because my kitchen heats up quickly. I do a lot of salads!

Kelly said...

Yay for you working on getting healthy! It sounds like you are doing all the right things and your food looks yummy. I agree with lisa that I love everything on the grill in summer. I also love cold fruit!