Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emptying out the Bookshelf Giveaway!

Hot and Bothered is a novel by Annie Downey that I devoured in a day this June. It was hilarious and quite the page turner. My review of it is here . A nice light read to get you through the blah days that are ahead!

From Booklist: The chirpy heroine in Downey's debut is surprised to find herself
at a crossroads when, at age 39, her husband ("Ex-Rat") leaves her with two
children and an identity crisis, presumably to join Sex Addicts Anonymous and
gallivant around with a new girlfriend. Saddled with a sassy best friend, a
flaky mother, and a gigantic crush on a charming professor ("Perfect Guy"), she
thinks that it's a miracle when she finds time for herself. She tries
meditation, she tries a part-time job, she even tries shopping for sexy
lingerie, all while parenting and hosting holiday dinners. Told in flashes,
Bridget Jones-style, the short, page-length snippets, with titles like "A Manic
Moment" and "Cheese Danish," give the sense that the author, like her main
character, is always on the run. Still, Downey pulls off the fast pace, and
readers will root for this single mom to find her prince, however unconventional
the pursuit may be. Will she end up with Perfect Guy? Ex-Rat? Rugged Alaskan
Man? Now that she is thriving, who cares? Delightful. Emily CookCopyright ©
American Library Association. All rights reserved

To win:

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Giveaway is open until October 28th and 7pm EST. :)


Amber said...

A crossroads in my life, hey? I actually think I'll have one coming up this spring when I graduate, to move home or stay in Kamloops will be my choices!

Cool idea to clean off your bookshelf and do a giveaway! I should do that!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the referral for that book. I might try it.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Biggest crossroads was probably when I broke up w/ my serious boyfriend in Jan of 2008. It was so hard but I knew I could be 80% happy and stay w/ him, or I could end things and search for someone who had more of what I want/need out of a relationship.

Anonymous said...

After I graduated from Ohio State I moved to Washington DC without a job. I met my husband, made friends I still love, and found a job as a bookstore manager. Being bold can pay off!
stacybooks at yahoo

Kelly said...

Haha...I shouldn't enter again since I'm still enjoying the last book but...I'm going to :)

I have had lots of small crossroads in my life...breaking up with high school/early college bf, deciding to study abroad in Australia, deciding to become a teacher etc- it's weird really to think of all the little/big decisions adding up to life...