Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take no crap kinda girl

More and more lately I am a take no crap kinda girl. I can't stand to see stupid excuses, stupid logic or stupid anything. It really irrates me. Usually I can walk away and laugh about it, or I mention it to my husband or sometimes I just say something. I try not to say something because it's not nice. But then again, the truth usually isn't. I can't stand to witness actions that are just ARRRRRRGH worthy. And I really shouldn't care, but I do. That's something I need to work on, not care that other people are stupid or make really stupid choices.

So here are some random thoughts that I nicely DID not say and instead kept to myself.

"Do not spend 82349u324 months wanting to be pregnant and then when you ARE indeed pregnant spend a majority of the time COMPLAINING ABOUT something pregnancy related. You wanted this, now buck up!"

"Yes your child did not come on its due date. Most do not. SUCK IT UP. How are you going to be with patience when your child takes 23435345 minutues to walk up the stairs BY MYSELF MAMA or do anything BY MYSELF."

"So your single. You don't want to be single. TALK TO PEOPLE. LET PEOPLE SET YOU UP. Do not bring up the subject again unless you have DONE SOMETHING TO TRY TO REMEDY THIS. Prince Charming will not fall out of the freaking tree. And speaking of Prince Charming? Yeah, that fairy tale stuff you are STILL waiting on? Right. Have fun being the cat lady for life. Real life love is WORK. COMPROMISE. FIGHTING. CHOOSING TO BE IN LOVE when you don't very much like the person at the moment. Waiting for that perfect guy who doesn't spend allllll his time watching sports or hanging with his friends? Um.. that's what everyone does. Then they meet someone and make room for them in their life. "

"Bachelor parties mean booze and boobs. Get over it."

"So your significant other doesn't want to spend 89434324 minutes talking to you, expressing themselves or whatever. That's real life. Most people are selfish. Yourself included. Get over it."

"I can only teach your child so much. You are doing them a disservice if you CODDLE them, let them do what they want. And for goodness sakes, freaking talk to them and teach them the letters of their name."

"If you tell me one more time that my team lost prepare to have your facebook wall exploded upon when yours loses. And remember that last year when your team HAD A LOSING RECORD AND MY TEAM BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOURS I SAID NOTHING. Yet MY team has the worst fans EEVVER. Yet I have NEVER said crap to you except the day of our rivalry game. Idiots."

"Your way of parenting is awesome and right for you. It is not for everyone. FREAKING STOP JUDGING EVERYONE ELSE. Their child is being fed. Bottle feeding is not the end of the world. It is NOT your child."

And that felt pretty damn good.


Amber said...

I SOOO agree with you about the SINGLE thing!! Hahaha

Becky said...

I officially love this post.

Anonymous said...

You entertain me! Thanks. i hate bachelor parties, they are dangerous to the upcoming marriage!


Anais said...

It's good to be outspoken!! At least you won't have to hear that BS again :)

I'm going to be honest with this guy from my volleyball team who keeps endangering everyone by running all over the court trying to get every single ball! What an ass...