Friday, October 9, 2009

Blogger Book Club: Friday Check in!

So ladies, how is it going? Have you started I See You Everywhere? I got it from the library Monday and started reading it. I have sadly only made it to page 19. I tried reading it every night before bed and well I kept falling asleep! Not that it is boring, just that I am super tired. So far I really like it and see a lot of humor in it. I love reading books about "Southern ladies." I find them to be the most entertaining. I have plans on doing some reading today because I have the day off and more reading on Sunday. I forget how working really gets in the way of my reading. :)

Anything stand out to you so far? Favorite parts? Things you don't like? Any observations..

This line is currently cracking me up..
"Don't you adore its sheer presence? So equisisitely masculine! A stevedore. A gigolo!" In her mouth, that word was a delicacy, a chocolate covered
cherry, and she gave me a new smile - hardly the smile of a maiden aunt - so I
overrode my own veto. (I See You Everywhere, pgs. 18, 19)

So any big plans for the weekend? Hub's cousin is in town from Oklahoma and we are going to celebrate his and another friends bday, by tailgating, watching some college football and having a good time! I'm hoping picking out pumpkins and pumpkin pie can somehow figure its way into the weekend. Oh and that these crazy cramps will leave so I can be as productive as my thoughts!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I just started it on my bus ride home today. I don't have my book by me, but I loved a line on the first page about how she was 'nostalgic to a fault'. Love that!

Oh, and you had asked about Weight Watchers - I joined online, but go to the meetings as well. It's worked really well for me - I lost about 34 pounds in the last year? I haven't been good about tracking the last couple of weeks, so need to get back on track next week!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I haven't started it yet!! I'm on vacation next week so I'm helping to really dig in then! :)