Monday, October 2, 2023

What I read in September

 I feel so cliche saying, where has the time gone? But I'm not sure I even accepted we were fully in the year 2023 yet and we are almost done! And we are already on the 7th week of school, this is insane.  With our still 80 degree plus weather I feel like we are still fully in summer but with leaves that are changing color.  

For September, I read six books.  Some were quite long and at times I had a hard time concentrating on reading in general and I think it's because I had a lot to do/plan and my mind kept jumping to that instead of focusing on reading.  I checked my reading goal or the year and I really need to jump on the gun if I want to hit my goal of 85 books.  I know I can do it, it will just depend on the books that are hitting my mood!

I really enjoyed all the books I read last month.  Four of the six were murder and/or mysteries.  

Prom Mom was so good.  Lippman is one of my favorite go to authors.  She has a wonderful series about Tess Monaghan who is a private investigator, but her standalones are also very good. They tend to be a bit darker and have characters that have a lot of layers.  Prom Mom is about a woman who was 'famous' for giving birth to a baby in her hotel bathroom after her senior prom.  She couldn't remember killing the baby or any of the details and had to spend time in a juvenile facility.  The "Prom Dad" suffered some consequences and public ridicule but nothing like Amber (Prom Mom) did.  Twenty years later she heads back to her hometown to see if she can indeed go home again.  She re-engages a risky relationship with the Prom Dad and there's quite a few unreliable characters and the ending is not what you may see coming.

I Have Some Questions for you is another story about someone going back to their past and addressing a teenage trauma.  Bodie goes back to her boarding school to teach a mini-mester to some bright high schoolers about podcasting and film.  While there she casually and not so casually looks into the murder of her junior year roommate.  I read some reviews of complaints about how it was a tad slow and a bit long, and this is true and some could have been left out but the tidbits and the flashbacks and the overall product of the book kept me turning the pages!

Happiness Falls was my pic from Book of the Month and it also had a slow burn feel to it.  It also has some unreliable narrators and a whodunnit/what happened vibe after the main characters dad doesn't return from a nature walk in a secluded park with his son who has autism and Angelman syndrome.  The angle of the brother's disabilities and the secrets the family kept finding out about the dad and the son were very intriguing.  

How the Word is Passed by Clint Smith is a non-fiction book about how slavery has imprinted itself into American history.  Clint Smith traveled to eight places in the United States and Africa and sees how they reconcile their history that they teach and share with others and their relationship with slavery. I put it up there with a must read for all Americans.  It's accessible and reads in many parts like a story.

An Evil Heart and Half Moon were probably my least liked but An Evil Heart is the 14th or 15th in a long running series I enjoy about a small town Ohio police chief who is formerly Amish and Half Moon was just kind of a sad story of a marriage and deciding if you should fight for it and it was a nice character dive into their lives but it was just kind of a sad book.

Love this cover!!

I am really looking forward to reading Grady Lake by J.L. Hyde in October.  It just came out and comes in my mailbox on Wednesday! She writes small town Midwest mysteries and is from the Upper Peninsula.  I've really enjoyed all of her other books and one of my faves, Delta County, is on a Kindle Monthly Deal for only $3.49 every day of October on Amazon!

What did you read in September? What are you looking forward to read in October?

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