Monday, October 9, 2023

Grady Lake

 This past weekend we went on our last camping trip of the year.  It was our 8th.  We have totally jumped into the camping life since we got our camper.  I was ready to write the whole activity out of my life after camping with a just under one year old Adeline who woke up for the day at 5 am both times in our pop up because she could see all of us and wanted to party.  My husband sold that pop up and got us a camper.  Now we have gone on 8 trips each of the past three years.  I do not camp to rough it.  I camp to beach it up.  There are so many great campgrounds in this state that are on the Great Lakes or near other amazing bodies of water.  And you may be wondering, then what were you doing camping this past weekend? And this was totally for the children.  We did a Halloween weekend at a state park.  We are usually good for one ‘Fall’ camping trip of the year, before I begin hibernating through the winter.

While we were camping, I grabbed my new copy of Grady Lake by J.L. Hyde.  I figured a mystery set in the picturesque Upper Peninsula was a perfect camping read as I was viewing the beauty of the leaves changing color.

Katie Benard returns home to her family’s resort and restaurant after she finds out her live-in fiance has been cheating on her.  She’s spent the past decade as a PR professional but she packs her bags and returns to waiting tables and working the dock in her small hometown on the shores of Grady Lake.  She didn’t expect to return to the spot where her older sister disappeared twenty years earlier, but she needed a change and missed the slow easy way of life in Grady.

Shortly after she returns an eighteen year old girl on vacation disappears in the night, just like her sister Mal did twenty years before.  Just like before there are no leads.  Then a member of the wealthiest family in town is found floating dead in the lake. 

I really liked this book.  It’s the first in the series and the ending ends on a VERY OMG I NEED TO READ THE NEXT ONE NOW vibe.  So coming in early 2024 we shall find out what happens next!

I really love reading J.L. Hyde books and if you too enjoy small town murder mysteries you should check her out! 


Here's how I rank her books in order of which ones I like best:

Summer of ‘99

Delta County (currently on a kindle monthly deal for 3.49)

Grady Lake

Magnolia Court


Midnight in Delta County

What is a murder / mystery book you’d recommend?

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