Friday, October 20, 2023


Phew.  I feel like this was our first week since school started that I finally got myself into a groove.  Note, one child started school at the end of August and the other started mid-September ha.  I have been so dang productive on the house cleaning/organizing front and crossing my stuff off my list every day.  One thing I do need to improve is actually making my workout happen.  Slowly but surely I am checking that box more each week, but I need to get into a strength training plan that's doable with my current schedule.

My favorite pictures from the week:

The high of my week was taking multiple walks in nature at various places to enjoy the fall color and manage the chaos of my mind/world.

The low of my week was  the war in Gaza/Israel.  I am so heartbroken for my Jewish friends and I am disgusted by the acts of terrorism committed on the innocent people of Israel.  I am also heartbroken for every single Palestinian that is being killed by the Israeli government.  Terror acts and killing innocent people is not okay.  Holding people hostage is not okay.  Targeting people because of their religious beliefs is not okay.  My heart is so heavy for every person who is suffering.  It is not okay.

Meal plan for the week was  
Monday -  Chili, cheese quesadillas, and salad
Tuesday -  grilled chicken, Caesar salad, grapes, cottage cheese and oranges
Wednesday -  beef and bean burritos, salad, chips and queso, grapes
Thursday -  Cashew Chicken w/ rice, grapes, strawberries and cottage cheese
Friday - Steak, baked potatoes, salad and roasted broccoli

The best money I spent was new rainsuit for the four year old

What I’m listening to  currently hell and gone podcast 

What I’m watching Only Murders in the Building, vanderpump rules

What I’m reading:  Hello Transcriber by Hannah Morrisey

My plans for the weekend include watching msu vs u of m football, might go to a story time at our new local bookstore

What are you watching/reading/listening to?

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