Tuesday, February 15, 2022


  Phew, we are in the cold blah part of winter.  Running out of things to entertain ourselves, bored, reality tv obsessions, reading slump, and ugh.  Come on spring.  Or maybe just temperatures where we can go outside and also if coyote mating season could end, that would be grand too.  Currently not walking outdoors or going in our woods because I am a fraidy cat and there have been a few in our neighborhood during the daylight lately.

Reading:     The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, or I will be as soon as I open it up. :)

Loving: I don't know if this is loving or just obsessed but I am currently obsessed with catching up on Summer House.  And I completely blame the pandemic for bringing me back to reality tv for the first time since I lived with people in college ha.

Feeling: ugh, I believe sums it up.

Anticipating: hmm..ummm... summer time fun?

Struggling: with focus.  I didn't have any outward covid symptoms and never technically tested so I am unsure if I had it, but every other member of my family had it and I have not been able to focus since.  So I am blaming it on that.  I have drank a lot more water than normal, worked out... just been hard.

Grateful: that my mom was able to get her hysterectomy quickly and hopefully now she will be fine.

Working: on getting the motivation to get rid of the stuff we need to donate.

Listening: to podcasts by Black people and about Black people for Black history month.

Watching: currently on Season 5 of Summer House

that someone could come and clean my house and organize it for me.

What are you reading/listening/watching?

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