Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Things I Want To Remember

The way that Adeline grins with her entire face and claps her hands and says “yaaaaay.”  The way Adeline will point to the kitchen and I will say, do you need to nurse? And She will smile and go, “uh uh uh uh,” and then we will settle into my chair and nurse.  The way she slides down off my lap when she’s done nursing and looks at me and waves and says, “bye bye.”  Then I say, “do you need to take a rest,” and she will agree and I will carry her into her room to her sleep sack.  She will wave to the room and say, “byeeee.” All the way to lay down.  Then as I’m putting her window shade down she will snuggle in and make happy noises.

How she beats me up every time we nurse.  Feet kicking my face, hands pulling my hair, and will yell if I'm trying to stop her.

The way she tips her head down when you are carrying her so her face is in your face and then will smile and say your name.

The way she will grab books and say , “boo boo.’ And how I can say, do you want me to read to you? Bring me a book and she will go across the room and bring me some books.

The way she plays in her kitchen and says , “mmmmm” as she cooks.

How excited she gets when she looks out the window and sees trees.  She will point and say, “treeeeee.’

Also, her love of cheese.

The way she yells at our Roomba, “stteeeeeeeve,” whenever he is running or when she seems him in the corner.

The way she yells, “weeeeeeeeee” as she flies down the hill in her sled.

The way she lays down and is a completely dead weight model as you are trying to get her ready to go outside.  Equally parts funny, helpful, and not helpful.  She also removes her socks in about 2 seconds after they are on her feet.

The way she yells for her sister, “EYE YA, EYE YA, EE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”.

How excited she gets when she seems my mom and nestles into her.

The way she waves at people on the TV because she thinks it’s a zoom call and they can talk back.

Her love of music.

The way she listens intently.

The way she grabs your face and then hugs you with her arms around you tight.

The way she calls me, “mum, mum.”

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