Friday, January 22, 2021


What a week.  So so glad that inauguration is behind us and we can get back to the business of running a competent government.  Also, I've gone 24 plus hours without hearing a certain someones name and it is GLORIOUS.  So nice.  So nice not to worry about what twitter shitstorm he will create while we sleep.  So in book nerd news, I am coaching Battle of the Books for my oldest.  And I have only heard back from two parents about potential times their child can meet over zoom.  Whomp whomp.  It stinks because I cannot go into the school so we have to do all of our meeting on zooms.  And, since some kids are in a different class, THEY cannot get together in the school either.  So many logistics to get around.  But oh hey, parents respond to my email so we can get this show on the road!

My favorite pictures from the week:

My oldest didn't have school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so we read some books together, watched a civil rights documentary and then did a word search I had leftover from my teaching days, and a coloring sheet I found.

The high of my week was watching Kamala Harris become the first woman vice president!!!!!

The low of my week was my dad having some cancer spots removed.

Meal plan for the week was 

Monday -  Skillet Chili Mac and Cheese, roasted broccoli
Tuesday -  Brisket Tacos, roasted sweet potatoes and corn
Wednesday -  leftovers
Thursday -  Cashew Chicken and cottage cheese (this was delicious!!!) I think I got this idea from Lisa ?
Friday - take out .  I think we are doing Burgers/fries/milkshakes from a local specialty burger food truck turned store front.  and because we are cheap, going through the drive thru for the oldests burger/fries because it's cheaper and she would never be able to finish the burger from the other place.  plus, Burger King to her is a HUUUUUUUUGE treat.

Intention Check In

Saturday - 10,050 steps  / did not hit water goal
Sunday - 10,096 steps / did not hit water goal
Tuesday - 10,195 steps / did not hit water goal
Wednesday - 10,229 steps / did not hit water goal
Thursday - 10,148 steps / did not hit water goal

I really hit a wall in the water department.  I will say that every day I did drink over 50 ounces, but just couldn't quite get to the 100 ounces.

The best money I spent was on nothing really.

What I’m listening to Undistracted by Britney Packnett-Cunningham --- I am trying to catch up on old episodes.  Really liking it! Also catching up on Already Gone.

What I’m watching  Matlock, NCIS...

What I’m reading: about to re-read The Tale of Desperaux for a Battle Book

My plans for the weekend include we need to drop off my nieces birthday present.  Besides that nada.

What are you watching/reading/listening to?

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