Friday, April 17, 2020


Phew.  I one would think time would drag by staying at home all day every day with 2 kids and a husband.  But it absolutely is flying.  We have been out of school since March 13th.  We will not be going back the rest of the year.  As soon as this started my daughters district sent out optional activities daily that they could do to continue their learning at home.  They also got sent home with their Chromebooks so that was helpful too!  I made the decision for us that we would immediately start 'mom school,' it is the best decision I could have made.  Mon- Fri I had things for her to do.  A lot were options from her teacher and others were facebook lives or things put on buy organizations and authors to entertain and teach children.  We had massive flexibility.  But the continuing to do school stuff and learning was very helpful.  This week began assignments from her classroom teacher and all her auxiliary teachers.  Phew.  If we had been lazy bums this would have been horrid.  It's actually less 'work' than I was giving her ha!  I've seen next weeks schedule from her classroom teacher however, and it looks to be kicking it up a notch.  Thankful I have the time and resources to help her.  SO many do not.  This pandemic is causing even bigger divides in the 'haves' and 'have nots' of public education.  

My favorite pictures from the week:

The high of my week was watching the 8 year old finish the FINAL Harry Potter.  I cannot believe it, but she read the entire series in the last month and a half.  Holy crap.  I guess that's what not being in school does for you! We have watched the movies as she has finished so we are halfway through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  

The low of my week was the constant neediness of all of the people in my house and not being able to leave and just be alone.  I can only really go for a walk and it has been cold.  So dang cold this week. 

Meal plan for the week was (we have been eating very well and very creatively!)

Monday - leftover lasagna, garlic bread, cottage cheese and grapes
Tuesday -  Chicken Cobb salad, cottage cheese, applesauce, roasted potatoes
Wednesday -  Smoked Ribs, baked beans, homemade applesauce, baked sweet potatoes
Thursday - Homemade Veggie Soup, cheese quesadillas, and salad (I made the soup about a month ago and we froze leftovers)
Friday -Grilled Chicken, roasted broccoli, One Pan Parm Pasta

The best money I spent was on a large jar of nutella that is hopefully coming my way soon!

What I’m listening to back logged episodes of about a gazllion podcasts.  Still Love Dolly Parton!

What I’m watching not much! We watched the first episode of Schitt's Creek and may start watching that series.

What I’m reading: nothing! I finished Educated late last night ad haven't decided what to read next.  I need a book that doesn't have a crappy dad in it because the last few that I've read have had some really crappy parents!!

My plans for the weekend include hopefully going outside because it is supposed to warm up again.

What are you watching/reading/listening to?

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