Thursday, April 23, 2020

Ten Things I've Learned About Food During the Time of Covid-19

In the middle of the night when I was NOT sleeping (ugh), this list of things came to mind.

1.  I am just not a fan of apples.  I keep trying but I just am not aboard the love train here.  I know I prefer it sliced to whole, and I do like using it with peanut butter but I could totally live without eating apples.

2. I really do like homemade stir frys.  While they haven't been a mainstay in our house in about a decade we've been eating a lot of variations lately and I'm back on the train.  We've made chicken fried rice, broccoli and beef, and a few other chicken / veggie combos and I've enjoyed them all.  Part of this is because we now use Jasmine Rice and this was a rice game changer for us.  And we have better seasonings/sauces in our lives.

3.  I do not snack when my family is home.  I had become quite a snacker since Adeline was born, and part of this was extra hunger from breastfeeding, and some of it was boredom.  But we have an abundance of snacks currently, some I really do like, but having to share? Having to get a snack for another human? I'll sit here and starve thanks.

4. Feeding a baby is a messy business and I am over it.  Thank the heavens Adeline is so far as unpicky as her sister she literally LOVES food and grunts, grabs, and whines for more.  Ugh so annoying IS THAT GRUNTING.  But, it's so messy.  She's definitely a do it yourself girl.  I had tried some oatmeal/breastmilk with her after 5 months and she was not a fan so I was slightly worried about how she would be a bout food.  But about 2 months in the oatmeal attempts I can tell you, the only food the child refuses is oatmeal.  I've tried various ways of fixing oatmeal and it is the only food she will close her mouth and not put any in.  So, whatever.  I'm not a fan of most oatmeal either.

5. I have saved a lot of money not grabbing a beverage sporadically.  I also survived over a month without a pop/tea and while I survived and was fine, I missed an ice cold Dr. Pepper and I picked some up at Target, and of course my husband who teased me and said , "I can't remember the last time I had a pop." is now drinking MY DR. PEPPER.  Lay off dude, I want to savor this slowly. 

6.  One most maintain a secret stash of treats.  Before the poop hit the fan, I stocked up on 3 bags of my favorite chocolate/peanut butter cups from Aldi.  I hid them under my bed and have been slowly enjoying a couple during some rough moments/I need a treat.  I also had a stash of Easter candy that I got early and then an extra stash for myself.  I so far have not been found out.  THANK GOD because as seen by the Dr. Pepper debacle my stash would all be gone and I'd be sad.  NO SHARING MY TREATS.

7. I drink a lot of coffee when my husband is home.  When it is just me at home I only make myself about 2 cups a day and then move on to water/tea/pop.  Since he is home we are making about a pot a day and I have upped my coffee consumption.  Probably why I haven't missed my pops/teas.

8. I am a master of utilizing leftovers/our pantry for meal planning.  We have done really well on not going out to the store excessively.  We've utilized points for office supply stores and got stuff that way and our coffee, woot.  I've been on one large Aldi trip and my husband has gone to Kroger once and our local store once to get what he couldn't get at Kroger.  I've also done Target Drive up twice.  This Saturday we will be picking up our first Kroger pick up.  We have a deep freezer in our basement, can stuff from our gardens, and an upstairs fridge freezer.  We also have a pantry upstairs and a downstairs pantry.  I am a crazy person, but as soon as I heard about the situations my family experienced in China with Covid, I made the pantry downstairs bigger.  We haven't run out of anything that has made it a disaster, but planning out a week ahead with our google spread sheet that we have of our items and keeping an updated shopping list have helped a lot.  Yay orginazation systems.  I've also gotten my husband to think out side the box a little more on combinations so as not to run out to the store.

9.  My favorite meat is pork.  I am not a huge meat eater as it is, but overall pork is my favorite.  I love pulled pork tacos, nachos, bbq pork, etc.  I love ribs.  I have a new found love of ground sausage.  It's my winner of the meats.

10.  I really want a cheeseburger.  A nice juicy cheeseburger.  We got beef from the farm across the road and I cannot wait to make a juicy cheeseburger.  I am contemplating all my toppings.  I'm thinking cheddar cheese, spinach, spicy mustard, mayo, caramelized onions and olives.

I love food so much.   We have supported a few of our local restaurants doing takeout but for the past month plus, minus 3 meals we have eaten them all at home.  This is a record.  I miss breweries and restaurants and can't wait to hug my mom and see my friends.  I hope you and yours are all safe and hanging in there.  I also hope you enjoyed my light hearted post, I need to pour myself another cup of coffee and dream of that cheeseburger.

Have you had any food realizations?

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