Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thankful times Ten

I had been toying with the thought of a thankful series and when I saw Lisa post these 10 prompts, it was just the push I needed! 

1) I’m most thankful for my ability to Multi-task.  I will feel lost if I don’t have about 234234 things going on at once.  And if I don’t have options I tend to do nothing.

2) In this moment, the thing I love most about my family is how they love my kids.  They are constantly checking in on them, sending them things, coming to cuddle them, and attempting real and meaningful relationships with them, not just stopping by for a few photos to brag on later.  They know actual information about them and can hold conversations with the 8 year old effortlessly about her interests. 

3) Something that made me smile today was my poor littlest girl had some gas issues but she ended up taking a nap laying stomach down on my arm with her legs dangling in my lap.  We sat snuggled up for over an hour, but it was just sweet.  Toots and poop and all.

4) The best thing I smelled today was the lotion I just put on my hands.  I feel like I am in a constant lotion/hand washing cycle and my hands are suffering!

5) One of the memories I’m most grateful for is introducing my oldest to my grandpa.  He adored her.  I loved my time spent with him and my grandma growing up and even though he was older and less mobile when she was born, he held her, loved on her and it was beautiful.

6) Thank goodness someone taught me how to think for myself and to appreciate learning.  Thanks, mom and dad! My lord did I grow up in a backwards place and am amazed daily by social media how I came out of that so differently than most.

7) The strongest part of my body in this moment is jokingly I answered on Lisa’s post it’s probably my boobs.  They are working over time right now!

8) Even after a rough day, the things I’m most grateful for at work are my employee is pretty cute!

9) I’m so grateful that my legs carry me through the many trips up and down the stairs to do the endless loads of laundry.  If I designed my house, my laundry would be on my main floor.

10) I felt a little burst of energy today when I went to pump and chugged water and hurried up to get all my stuff done before Adeline woke up from a nap! Nothing gets the heart going like trying to get all your stuff done before the baby wakes!

What is something that made you smile today?

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