Friday, November 1, 2019


We have almost survived our 2nd week alone! Adeline had a bit of a growth spurt this week and I started pumping.  Big milestones around here.  Adeline also took a bottle from my husband twice! This is something that Isla struggled with so we wanted to make sure we kept up on it this time.  Plus, my milk supply is better than it was with her so when I pump, I already have enough for a bottle.  The first time we tried the bottle she did scream at him for about 10-15 minutes and I had been gone at book club.  She did end up taking it after I got back home.  He just had to face her away from him in a sitting position.  So she took 2 ounces and then still nursed with me a bit later.  The next night I had pumped and I froze some, but had about an ounce leftover.  So in the middle of our nightly stock up feedings as I call them, he tried the bottle again and she took it.  We are going to plan on keeping this up, as I am planning on trying to pump once a day and then either freeze it all or save an ounce or two depending on what our plans are.  So far I already have 7 ounces in the freezer and coming from my lack luster pumping last time, I will take this as a win! Especially since I am breastfeeding her on demand 24/7 currently.

My favorite picture from the week:

The high of my week was trick or treating as a family of 4! As the 8 year old said, "it was the best and worst Halloween."  It rain/snowed and the weather was HORRID for trick or treating but it was a fun night.  We went to our local mall to do indoor trick or treating for the first time ever and did that for 20 minutes and then hit up a neighborhood.  Adeline slept the whole time in the mall and then woke up and needed nursing when we hit the neighborhood, so she and I stayed warm and nursed in the car while they did some trick or treating.  Then we headed back towards home and went to some friends/relatives houses.

The low of my week was  that even though Adeline is doing great at sleeping at night she makes so many loud noises/grunts/gurgles as she is trying to pass gas/poop that it keeps us up when we could be sleeping.  And I think it bothers her a bit because she has been napping longer in the morning than she had been.  We have a doctors appt next week and I will mention it, but I really don't think there is much else I can adjust that we aren't already trying.  I really don't want to move her to her room yet, but it may have to happen because of the noises ha!

Meal plan for the week was  
Monday -  Chicken Pot Pie, baked potatoes, and grapes.  The pot pie was a frozen meal from my SIL!
Tuesday -  husband had leftovers, 8 year old had a pbj/carrots, and I went to Olive Garden with book club!
Wednesday -  Stuffed Shells, also from my lovely SIL, carrots, celery, and grapes
Thursday -  leftovers
Friday -  Chili (that I made and froze last month) and grilled cheese!

The best money I spent was on the hands free pumping bra.  I never bought one the first time, and just did a DIY that was easy enough, but this time I splurged because my DIY this time isn't as good of a fit.

What I’m listening to  Christmas music in the car! My kiddo and I would listen all year.  We just don't do the snow!  Also, many many podcasts. :)

What I’m watching working on Season 2 of Jamestown from PBS! Excited to start watching Christmas movies soon with the kiddo.

What I’m reading:  The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams.  Reading is hard right now.  It makes me sleepy and sometimes I can't be sleepy! But I did read Little Blue Truck this week!

My plans for the weekend include hopefully a Target run.  I need to get the oldest some more gloves and winter boots.  I may order them online, but I would like to look in store.  Depending on how my husband does grocery shopping tonight I may need some grocery items as well.  Also planning on football watching, reading, and being lazy.  Sunday, the oldest and the husband are going to my nephews baptism/out to lunch and the baby and I will chill here.

What are you watching/reading/listening to?

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