Friday, November 15, 2019


I really feel like I got the bum deal of enjoying the seasons of 2019.  My favorite season (summer) happened during my most tired and biggest part of pregnancy.  And I feel like I wasn't the most fun mom this summer for the kiddo.  Then I gave birth and fall happened in the throes of the first 2 weeks of a baby and then it freaking snowed.  It started on Halloween, melted and a week later more snow fell and we have had some sort of snow action ever since.  I don't think I can handle this winter if it's all like this.  I hate snow.  I hate feeling stuck in the house.  I mean I hang in the house a lot, but it's by choice.  When I feel like I have no choice I get antsy.  Especially because I have a newborn who I have to hide from all of the germy people this winter.  I may go crazy.  And I may have to hide all carbs and chocolate.

My favorite picture from the week:

The high of my week was we survived it? I am so glad that it's Friday.  I'm not enjoying that Adeline has been waking up grunting/need to poop around 430-615.  Like it may take that whole time.  And she may eat once in there but just makes so much noise.  Usually she's not in pain but for those of us wanting to sleep it's annoying.  I suppose we could move her to her own room but it's just so easy to have her next to me.  The problem with this time then being that she has me and the husband up for the day usually about 4:30 with some cat napping involved and then SHE falls asleep while he has to get ready for work and I then have to get up to get the 8 year old ready.  And then takes lovely naps and her mother is caffeinated and wide awake and cannot nap.  And then the cycle continues ha.  Which, this seems like a huge complaint for the high of the week, but when you literally do nothing but stay in a house and only leave to take a kid to school, this is what you get.

Okay, for real the high of the week was last Sunday when my mom, 8 year old and myself went to see a local theater production put on by 6th-8th graders! Made sweeter by the fact that the kid won free tickets to another performance next June!

The low of my week was  see also my high ha.

Meal plan for the week was  
Monday -  Cheesy Chicken Burrito Bowls, grapes, guacamole/chips, roasted broccoli
Tuesday -  We used the leftovers from the burrito bowls and made quesadillas, grapes, roasted sweet potatoes, guacamole/chips
Wednesday -  Roasted Tomato Soup (made with tomatoes from our garden, we made a huge batch and froze it), celery,broccoli, ranch, cheese bread, grapes
Thursday -  Skillet Chili Mac and Cheese, grapes, rolls, broccoli/ranch
Friday - leftovers, grapes, celery/ranch

The best money I spent was on I got another halo fleece swaddle sack in size small and matching dresses for the girls.  The 8 year old is super into matching and wearing shirts that say sister so when I can make it happen, I do! I am going to give them as Christmas gifts because the size for Adeline won't fit until closer until then anyway!

What I’m listening to  old episodes of All the Books, Up and Vanished, and Hell and Gone.

What I’m watching finishing up  the third season of Jamestown and then will be on to mixed-ish or Christmas movies!

What I’m reading:  The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen and I HIGHLY recommend it!

My plans for the weekend include MSU vs. UofM football! I will probably make a bean dip for that.  We also have my nephews 10th bday party.  I need to go grocery shopping by myself and I am hoping to vacuum and mop the floor.

What are you watching/reading/listening to?

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