Tuesday, September 10, 2019

UP Adventures Day 3

On our last day exploring the UP we had a ‘lazy’ day planned of checking out Palms State Park to see Kitch-iti-Kipi and hanging around Manistique for a bit and my husband had requested we stop at a winery.

We got to Kitch-iti-Kipi about 11 o clock and as had worked out on most of our trip we lucked out with hardly any people around, but as we left there was a bunch.  We did the short little walk to the spring and got there just as the raft was about to go across the spring.  We rode across and it was so cool to check out the spring.  It was so pretty.  This spring is always at 45 degrees and they keep it stocked with fish.  There is no fishing allowed.

We went through the gift shop and got a postcard and then we went to Indian Lake State Park to check out the facilities.  We drove through the park to see what kind of bathrooms/campsites they had to offer.  We liked to drive through to see sites we may want to check out some day.  This park had sites that were right on the water, so it’s nice to check to see if they are shady / full sun and what not before you book.  Of course we have a google doc to share this info. J

After this we went back to Manistique and had lunch at Marley’s Bar & Grill because of some reviews my husband had read.  He wanted to get fish so he had a fish sandwich, I had a delicious Italian sandwich which was made on a homemade bun, and the kiddo had a cheese quesadilla.  She shared our chips and ate my tomatoes from my sandwich.

Afterwards we decided to go to the lakefront and parked by the lakefront walkway and got to see some massive Lake Michigan waves.  They were crashing over the rocks and it would NOT have been safe to walk out to the lighthouse.  It was nice to check out the waves.  I walked a short way down the path and then sat and watched the water, while the other too walked further down to see the lighthouse better.

Afterwards, we headed to Germfask to check out End of the Road Winery.  It was definitely at the end of a dirt road! It was a cute set up and they had a large variety for a tasting.  I was a little sad I couldn’t partake but we ended up coming home with a bottle of peach wine that I will be partaking in next month! The tasting came with a neat glass to add to our collection.

Our way back to the cabin took us through Curtis and we stopped at got some yummy ice cream.  We do like to eat ice cream when we are on vacation.  And every other day of the week… J Curtis was a really cool town and they had a lot of cabin rentals that were right in town that were on South Manistique Lake.

When we got back, I was tired again and read my book but the other two hit up the other outdoor pool that we hadn’t checked out and then moved indoors when there was a rain storm that popped up. 40 MPH winds! It was crazy.  It did clear up and there was a beautiful sunset later but that storm was crazy.

This was our last day and the next morning we packed up and headed back down state on our most likely last adventure as a family of 3.

I highly recommend visiting around the UP and there are a few other spots we’d like to check out in the future.  There is a lot of driving involved, which is why we waited to do it until our kiddo was older, but so much fun!

What is your next vacation? What is your ideal vacation?

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