Thursday, September 5, 2019

UP Adventures Day 2

The weather report for this day was a bit iffy.  The temp was cooler and rain was a possibility for most of the day.  The morning seemed to be our best bet, so we were out the door by 9:30 to drive to Grand Marais.  This was about an hour away from our cabin in Curtis.  The drive was nice and we went through a few small towns.

When we got there it was really chilly, but no rain.  We went in a few different gift shops and walked around the main street for about 20 minutes.  Since we didn’t really have a plan for Grand Marais and the weather was pretty iffy we decided we better hit up the Lakeshore drive through to Munising for Pictured Rocks.  I also had a few contractions at this point and was like oooooh poop.  I really kind of over did it the day before at Tahquamenon Falls and Whitefish Point.

The drive is through the national park and the speed limit is a bit slower.  It has places to pull out and do short hikes throughout.  Our first stop was at Sable Falls. It had a nice sign that let you know there was 167 steps to the falls and 167 back.  I decided I could handle that.  And then we got to stairs.  There was just no way I could do stairs at that point so I walked back to the car and waited while the other two walked down the stairs and saw the very pretty waterfalls.

We got back in the car and drove to a visitor center which was kind of a bust unless you wanted to use the bathroom.

Then our next stop was Log Slide Lookout.  I had no idea how far this was and I needed to go to the bathroom so I let the other two go and they saw some dunes and cloudy skies over Lake Superior.

Then we drove the curvy road to Miner’s Castle.T his was my favorite spot of the day.  It had a great view of the Pictured Rocks and the Miner’s Castle formation.  We had packed PBJ sandwiches and we ate them while we were there.  Then, our weather luck ran out.  Two minutes after we got in the car the rain started! So off to Munising we went.

We decided that the Lakeshore drive was nice and we were glad we explored it, but when we go back to that area we will get a tour boat out to the Pictured Rocks and see it from water.  I think both ways would give you the full experience.

We drove through Munising to see what our game plan would be and we started at Eh! Burger and split the chili cheese tater tots.  They were yummy!

Then we went across the street to the Falling Rock Café andBookshop.  We spent about 30 minutes browsing their selection of new/used books and local art.  We didn’t get anything from the Café but it looked really yummy.  We saw lots of cool local books but once again we refrained from purchasing.

Our last stop in Munising was the Frozen Flamingo! Basically because of the name, we knew it would appeal to the 8 year old.  We each got a scoop of ice cream and picked up a post card.
Then we headed back to our cabin which was around an hour back.  It rained the whole way back.  

When we got back I went and laid down for a while but the other two went swimming in the indoor pool and spa.  The rain lasted the rest of the night, so we made dinner and I taught the kiddo how to play solitaire with playing cards.  We read our books and my husband plotted out our trip for the next day (Kitch-Iti-kipi and Manistique).

What card games do you remember playing as a kid? What are your favorites now? Have you been to Pictured Rocks?

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