Friday, August 9, 2019


I have had a very busy week of organizing/throwing crap out! I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and slightly freaking out.  Our house is getting painted in 2 weeks and we've started taking stuff off the walls/getting rid of things we don't want up.  I also had to go through my kids room because even though she's been cleaning it, she's a hoarder and hiding things in places.  My mom came over and we threw a bag away and donated a bag of stuff.  Plus, I sold a Vera Bradley bag, a Jelly the Pug outfit, and a wall hanging that I didn't want anymore.  Its tricky to get things out of my house because both my child and my husband will find something for them to be used again. Ugh.. Today's adventure will include getting rid of a broken tote, ripped snow boots and two kitchen rugs without anyone noticing. :)

watching the fireworks last weekend at the festival downtown

My favorite picture from the week:  

She made her own pillow case at sewing camp!

The high of my week was getting stuff out of the house.  So much more to go. 

The low of my week was stupid sciatica! Been a huge problem this week, usually at night.

The book I’m reading is The Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani.  I just started it last night but it seems really good so far! I usually enjoy her shorter books and this is one of them. Before that I read Front Desk by Kelly Yang and The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen and both were really good!

The best money I spent was probably the Tucks pads I bought for post pregnancy. :) I need to look at curtains and curtain rods and get a dresser for this soon to be born child.  And a changing pad.  I think those are the things that I will need soon.  I'm trying to think of post birth items I may want for myself.  I've been baking muffins and freezing them for myself / the child's lunch.  I need to freeze a couple meals.  Time is flying.

My plans this weekend include  Karaoke party tonight! We are having some friends and fam over to sing karaoke, hang out and swim in the pool.  I need to make a bean dip for that this afternoon.  I spent an hour cleaning earlier and I'm taking a breather before I pick the kiddo up from camp.

What was the high of your week? What are you reading?

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