Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Reading:  Surprise Island by Gertrude Warner, The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth, and Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson.  I'm enjoying all of them!

Loving:  we finally have summer weather! 80s and humid! Not that I'm enjoying it much this year in my pregnant condition, but I am savoring it as much as possible.  Because we all know the long dreaded winter is soon coming!

Feeling: overwhelmed with what we need to do for this new child.  I really just need my husband to do what I asked him to do and get the room cleared of office stuff because that will make me feel better.  Oh and for my husband to get the stroller out for me to look at (asked this in April).  We also need a carseat.  And I need to remember what stuff I need around the house when you have a newborn.  

Anticipating: the 4th of July! Hopefully thunderstorms will stay away and we will be able to enjoy a day on the lake and a night of fireworks.  It's my favorite holiday.

Grateful: that I have a kind and caring kid who is so go with the flow and can be so chill.

Working: on still clearing out the office/new child's bedroom.  I really need to make some progress in there.  We are having our house painted on August 20th and then new flooring so I would ideally like everything done way before August 20th!
  Listening: to lots of podcasts! I'm so far behind.  I'm currently catching up on past Pod Save America episodes.

Watching: I don't remember when I watched tv last.  I think I have a few Southern Charm's to catch up on!

Wishing: for a personal chef and errand runner!

What are you reading and listening to currently?

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