Friday, September 14, 2018


What a full week! I got so much accomplished.  I'm in the middle of getting rid of/selling old clothes of the kiddos that I have held on to for way too long.  I've probably 'made" about 30 bucks in the last week! Woot.  And donated a huge bag of clothes/stuff and have another HUUUGE bag half-way filled up to go.  I also got the house decorated for fall and am taking stock in what I want to get to still decorate some more.  I've always wanted to be the person to decorate for seasons but I never had the damn time or patience.  So woot.  I've also volunteered and signed up for some upcoming sub jobs and did a LOT of cleaning that this dang house needed.  

Second week of school is going well.  No homework yet, but it starts Monday.  I'm working on some flashcards today for math practice.  I'm first going to check pinterest and teacherspayteachers to see if i do not have to reinvent the wheel.  We need to work on speed for addition and subtraction up to 20 by the end of the year so I'm thinking of making some sets and doing about 10 a night when we do the other homework.  It seems super doable what will be expected and the teacher flat out said she values family time and extra-curricular time over more homework.  She only really stresses 10-15 minutes of reading a night.  So reading and studying for spelling words should be the only main stuff and once a week vocab and math.

My favorite picture from the week:

how she  smiled when I said, smile like you will for pictures today!.. ha

The high of my week was once again volunteering at the school book fair.  It was so much fun to watch so many kids so excited for books! When I was last there they had already sold about $7,000 in sales! That was Wednesday morning and I'm curious to see how it ended up.

The low of my week was  finishing the potato soup I made. It was so good.  I love a good soup.

My Workouts were the husband and I took a walk Saturday night, then I walked Monday, Thursday, and Friday myself. We took a family walk Tuesday night!

Meal plan for the week was  
Monday - Big Boy to use the kiddos free meal coupon from the summer reading program!
Tuesday - Steak with baked potatoes, salad, and homemade applesauce
Wednesday - Make Your Own Mini Pizzas with homemade applesauce, salad, and pita chips
Thursday - Sweet Potato Hash, Eggs, and crescent rolls with homemade peach jam!
Friday - Cheesy Taco Soup with chips and salsa

This weekend we are going to a get together and we will be taking bbq pork butt! Not sure sure what we will do Sunday yet.

The best money I spent was on books from the book fair!

To be fair.. the kiddo purchased the bookmark and the Elephant and Piggie book with her own money.  I only got her the Coretta Scott King book and the Princess in Black book.  The rest are Christmas presents for my niece and nephews! I highly recommend the Bruce books.  Last year I got my niece and one nephew Mother Bruce and they loved it! So I got my niece the Hotel Bruce book this year and the nephew got the Snake book because he loves snakes!  Isla and I are loving the Princess in Black series.  We love the illustrations and we each read a page at a time.  We usually finish off a book in one sitting!

What I’m listening to   podcasts of course! I really enjoyed Hysteria's episode Freedom Hangover from July.  I also liked listening the first episode of the Atlanta Murders.  

What I’m watching we are catching up on last seasons Criminal Minds.  We are also PBS fans and have watched episodes on the history of Flint and I've watched some of the Great American Read and a special on Margaret Mitchell.  

What I’m reading:  Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes which is the third in a middle grade series.  We also started By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder as a family.

My plans for the weekend include being lazy tonight! The kiddo and I were discussing pajamas and a movie tonight.  And hopefully popcorn! Tomorrow she has a birthday party/sleepover and we are going to catch up with some old friends.  Sunday should be a relaxing day unless we have to take the pool down then. 

What are you listening to? What are you reading?

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