Thursday, September 6, 2018

Summer TBR Update

I thought I would check back in with how my summer reading turned out.  At the end of May I had posted a picture of my at the time currently library stack along with a few others that I wanted to check out this summer.

Overall from June to August I read a total of 23 books! And 3 more that I shared reading duties with the 7 year old!

What I read in June, July and August .. plus A Reliable Wife

My favorite books I read over the summer would be We’re Going to Need ore Wine for this by Gabrielle Union, Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye by David Lagercrantz, and The Third Hill North of Town by Noah Bly.

Books I didn’t get to were  American Lion, Almost Sisters, The Hate U Give, and Love and Ruin. 
I returned American Lion and Almost Sisters before I read them.  I just kept picking up more and more stuff that enthralled me and it got put on a back burner.  I will eventually probably get back to them, but maybe not.

My favorite places to read were in my hammock in the backyard and on the beaches we vacationed on this summer!

Here are some recommendations:

If you are interested in current eventsGhost Boys tackles police violence against young black males.  It is a middle grade novel and is a very quick read.  Very good!

Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario may be a few years old but is very relevant to immigration issues that the United States is still dealing with.  Just throwing out my unsolicited opinion on the matter --- Anyone who risks there entire life to cross 1 or more foreign countries, risking death  Our being OTHER FREAKING HUMAN BEINGS.  I’m not a religions person but if I were to look up to Jesus as a role model, I’d have to take a hard look at myself if I wasn’t doing everything in my power to help those less fortunate than myself.
, hunger, rape and the potential separation from their child is someone who desperately needs our help.

Looking for a new series? – Check out the Louise Penney series! Still Life is the first one and I’ve read quite a few others.  You would not need to read them in order.  There is a lot of character development and they are mystery but not gory.

Middle Grade Reads – Ghost Boys, Sugar by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Orphan Train Children Series by Joan Lowery Nixon, and Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes.  Bottom Line – Get some Jewell Parker Rhodes in your LIFE!!!

How many books did you read this summer? What were your favorites? Any you'd recommend to me based off of what I read this summer?

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