Monday, January 25, 2016

Virtual Coffee Date...

Good Monday morning!

I know I am needing the strong black coffee this morning.  I haven't posted one of these posts before but decided, why not?

If we were having coffee today, I'd tell you...  That I am all about the changes lately.  Now, the motivation isn't all there yet but the want for it is.  I'm usually slow on this but I'm making plans and focusing efforts on making it happen.  I really am glad I switched jobs 6 months ago! I am so much happier and that has helped me focus and make more changes.  I had a doctors appointment last month and last year for the first time ever I had high blood pressure.  This year? Back to normal.  I attribute this solely on the job change.  I did work out quite well for 3 months last year to help try to reduce stress but fell of that wagon.  But, I feel the difference in my body and it has been a great change!

If we were having coffee today, I'd tell you... that I was listening to the Happier podcast and really resonated with the idea of 'do not organize.'  I always say I am going to organize my office and I really just need to throw some stuff away.  I'm slowly getting better at this, but the bulk of what I really need to go through is my filing cabinet and then I would in theory throw almost all of it away and the piles that are on my desk that I want to save could go in the filing cabinet ha.  So yes, just throwing stuff away needs to happen.  Like I said above, getting the urge to make changes.. need the motivation to go through and pitch it during a nap time or at night.  I am not brave enough to throw without going through it yet!

If we were having coffee today, I'd tell you..   that in August we will have lived in our house for 10 years.  (will officially have that sucker paid off in 4 more years!!)  I am just now caring to decorate.  Most of our furniture is hand me downs.  We did buy two new chairs 3 years ago.  Our couch was a hand me down from 10 years ago and an end table came from my college apartment that I got free somewhere.  So yeah,  those two need to go this year! We also had work down on our ceilings last January and we finally need to hire someone to paint our upstairs and we are getting new carpet.  We just finally put up a new curtain rod and new curtains on our insanely large window after me hating it for 10 years.  In theory, I'd really just like to buy a new house but my husband is pretty set on this yard/location.  Plus, before we could sell it we need to do new carpet/paint like I mentioned and purge a ton of shit.  In 10 years we have re-done the kitchen, both bathrooms, new flooring upstairs,  re-done the laundry room and totally changed up one of the bedrooms (flooring and built in destruction).  I just want a new house.  Fresh, not old and with flaws. 

the new curtains.. nothing too exciting but so much better than the old ones! (as you can tell our window is huge!)

If we were having coffee today, I'd tell you..  I am so ready for summer.  We have three big plans made so far! Mackinaw Island trip, Port Crescent trip and Higgins Lake! So excited! I also bought a 10 visit pass to the zoo that I'm excited to use (along with the children's museum).  I can't wait to have my toes in the sand and a book in my hand!  I'm also trying to convince the hubby to splurge on a luxurious 10 year wedding anniversary trip next year.  I so want to do something, away, just the two of us. 


What's new with you? What is something you'd share if we were having coffee today?

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