Monday, January 18, 2016


Reading:  Moonlight over Paris by Jennifer Robson

Loving: My slippers.  Seriously.  I kind of want like 10 pairs.  And that my new curtains and my new curtain rod is up! FINALLY! We have lived in our house for almost 10 years and they were so gross and disgusting.  We have an insanely large window so it's been a process trying not to spend an arm and a leg while making sure we still block out sun and yada yada yada.

Thinking:  about life changes and how to make baby steps to make them a reality without being overwhelmed!

Frustrated: by winter.  I hate being cold.  Oh and people who are encouraging He Who Will Not Be Named  in his presidential campaign

Feeling:  glad that I had today as a paid holiday off and tomorrow as a sick day.  I was able to go to school with my kiddo today and have a lunch date with her and then tomorrow I can take her and then do my appointments and have an afternoon to myself!

Anticipating:  our summer trips.  The one good thing about a cold winter is that it is the perfect time to plan our summer camping trips! We have two booked and plans on where the third trip will be and will book that as soon as it opens up!

Watching: catching up on Blacklist a lot.  That and Madam Secretary.  Love that show.

Sad:  that my kid keeps asking questions about my grandpa who passed away.  I'm glad that she obviously had a connection and his sad that he's not here but it's sooo sad to have to explain this to a 4 year old. 

Working: on fixing my feet.  I'm hoping to have more insight soon.

Grateful: for days with my girl

Listening: to Serial and catching up on Get Booked podcasts..

Wishing: that we would have won the Powerball. ;)

What are you listening to, anticipating, and reading?

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