Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 mileage and 2016 excercise plans

Last year I started out strong with a #mileaday challenge to utilize my Fitbit and get more active.  It worked --- BIG TIME.  January was my most active month all year and it set me up to be more healthy and lose inches.  And because I used what I knew about myself.  I have to work out every day or it will turn into zero days.  The commitment of one mile at least a day was huge and helped me then try new workouts with some walk/runs thrown in between.

Having made this commitment I decided to make a google doc and write down all of my run/walks.  Now I didn't always get every walk I took if it was not on the treadmill but I tried to remember.  I did not record all workouts because I would delete them after I completed them, also using a google doc.  I think for this coming year I shall record both workouts and mileage.

 Now like I said, knowing myself if I don't do it every day, I fall off hard.  And fall I did over the summer.  So all of the inches lost came back.  Plus some.  So regardless of how not high the numbers are, it was interesting to me.

Highest mileage month? 53.04 miles in January

Lowest mileage month? 0 in July.  Whoops.

Longest run/walk? 4.1 miles on January 23rd

Shortest run/walk/? .749 on December 27th

Most time spent on a run/walk? 63 minutes and 9 seconds on January 23rd]

Shortest time spent on a run/walk? 14 minutes on May 7th

Most run/walks in a month? January with 31

It was interesting looking at the months where there were lots of gaps.  Per my usual, there would be 2 or 3 days together and then a huge break and 2 days together and repeat.  I did fairly well until mid April then the year fell apart.  I tried again in November and got 11 straight days before my feet messed up on me again.  I've had major issues with them and I actually am talking to my doctor about it later this month.  But long story short they've made walking very painful and pretty much pushed me into more sitting around.  This past week or so I started out again with just walking and slowly increasing the minutes.  It seemed to be okay and then I tried running yesterday and that was apparently not okay. 

So I don't want to make any big grand plans for 2016 since I have no idea what the year holds for my feet and what not but barring any issues I'd like to...

-increase my total mileage
-record all run/walk
- tally up times spent run/walking
-record all workouts
- try more youtube workout videos

Do you record your workouts? What are your fitness goals for 2016?

Yearly total of miles? 138.259 miles

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