Thursday, August 27, 2015


Reading:  Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigani.  I started it two months ago but I decided to pick it back up.  I loved Lucia, Lucia and I think it is such a different pace I needed to space them out. 

Loving: my daughter's personality.  She is hysterical.  She's loving.  She's awesome and she speaks her mind.  Now if only I could get the 4 year old to be a tad better on the delivery of refusal of stuff.  However, I'm not the best at my old age sooo...
Thinking:  a lot about my job and how I'm going to implement all the new things I've learned in the last few weeks of different trainings I've attended

Frustrated: by my anxiety

Feeling:  like there is never enough time.  I am excited to have a weekend with nothing to do but I really don't when that is going to be.  I travel home from Chicago on Saturday and then need to clean, grocery shop and do laundry on Sunday.  I think I will have comp time at some point next week but I also have 3 more days of training at my alma mater.  I know traveling three weekends in a row has a lot to do with this right now.

Anticipating:  seeing my kid and husband on Thursday night! They are coming to Chicago to see me!!

Watching: right now I'm watching Rizzoli & Isles.  I watched a new show on TNT called Public Morals and that looks good too!

Sad:  that summer is almost over.  I'm excited for fall and football but I don't feel like summer has been long enough!

Working: on a plan for work to organize my responsibilities better.

Grateful: that my husband is bringing my daughter to come see me on Thursday.  I miss them!

Listening: to a few podcasts.  Starr Struck and Undisclosed...

Wishing: that my feet weren't so messed up!

What are you currently reading, listening to and anticipating?

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