Friday, August 14, 2015


The high of my week was just want a pleasant time I experience with my family every night this week.  I’m a lot less stressed and I feel a lot more ‘in’ when I’m home with my family right now.  I also enjoyed my parents stopping over for a visit and how excited my daughter was about it.  We also had a great event at work and I got to interact with a lot of kids and parents and it felt good!

The low of my week was how yucky I feel about myself right now.  I had made such an improvement in my working out and then totally fell off the wagon in July.  I know I had a lot of changes and what not but that really was not a good excuse.  I went on a few walks but that was it.  Any inches I lost previously are back it feels like and they are all centered in my gut region! I need to eliminate that.

The book I’m reading is I finished The Cotton Queen by Pamela Morsi.  I read this book in practically two days.  It was a multi-generational book that looked at the lives of a mother/daughter pair who thought they were soo different but had a lot in common.  It was a really interesting book.  It switched perspectives between Babs and Laney and there were so many women lib issues covered that it was neat to see the differences between the two generations.  Slightly more than just a quick beach read because it delves into rape, drug use and parental death. 

For my workouts, I completed Monday and Tuesday I started the week strong ha.  Monday I ran on the treadmill a run/walk combo of just over a mile.  I did 50 squats and 30 crunches.  Tuesday I walked 25 minutes on my lunch.  However, that night I started PMSing and used it as an excuse not to lift and then I never did anything else all week.  But I worked an even on Thursday which was a lot of walking and carrying heavy items so at least I was active.  I had planned on working out 4 days this week but hey, I did it twice.  Next week I’ll plan for 4 and aim for 3. 

The best money I spent was I didn’t do it, but it was from ‘our’ money.  My husband decided that he had enough of paying my ridiculous student loan payment with the high interest rate so he logged into my account and paid it in full.  Best $18,152.  I’ve ever spent!

My plans this weekend include We are going to Ludington this weekend with some cousins / my husband’s sisters and their families.  So 8 adults and 6 kids! We will hopefully be relaxing on the shores of Lake Michigan!

What was the low and high of your week? Have a great weekend!

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