Monday, September 7, 2015

Goals and Accountability

Goals have been brought up a lot in the recent trainings I've attended for my new job (which I love, by the way) and it has gotten me thinking.  I know I've briefly shared that I  love making lists.  A lot of those lists are goals.  A lot never gets crossed off.  I'm not very good at keeping myself accountable for my goals  I'm not a good goal achiever.  I'm great at making them.  I'm great at planning.  But the follow through needs some help. 

When I got my fitbit for Christmas it really helped push and motivate me earlier in the year.  I was racking up steps and busting my butt to beat people in competitions.  I was working out a lot and even though I never lost weight (which is my ultimate goal) I know I lost inches.  I never measured but my clothes felt a hell of a lot better and I was able to fit in smaller sizes without the scale budging.  I mean I even used other peoples scales because I was convinced that mine at home had to be wrong since I was having progress.

Well, then the summer happened.  I fell off the wagon hardcore.  May was pretty much the beginning of my downfall.  It coincided with a lot of work stress and then I started a new job and I indulged a lot.  I've been in about a month straight of trainings with not always great eating options and I've slacked on the walking and the step counting and had my fitbit lost/stolen in there. 

When I got back from a week long trip to Chicago, I knew I did not want to step on the scale because it would not be pretty.  Well, I did yesterday and it was worse than I had thought.  So I've formulated yet another plan and I'm going to hold myself accountable because I am not happy with my current situation.  It's harder than hard for me to budge my scale, make time for working out, clean my house, make time for my family and make time for other activities I like.  I've been all off balanced lately with the energy I've put towards the different areas of my life. 

I'm hopeful with my new fall/winter hours at work I can become a morning workout person because it does not require me to wake up too much earlier.  As in, it's not a time I think of as 'in the middle of the night' hahaha.    I'm much more of a middle of the day workout person and have tried throwing in 30 minutes walk at lunch time a couple times of week weather permitting.  I'm hopeful I can keep that up this fall and add more times in a week.

This is a long way to say that I have a two week plan and I'm sharing it in hopes it keeps me accountable.  We will forget alllll the other times and focus on this new time.

Week Goals
10,000 steps every day
60 ounces of water at work

M 9/7- 30 minute walk
T 9/8- 5 min walk, 1 min run = 30 min
W 9/9- 30 min walk - Abs
TH 9/10-  2 min walk, 2 min run = 30 min
F 9/11 - 20 minute fitness workout
Sat 9/12 - dumbbell arms Abs, 30 minute walk
Sun 9/13- 40 min walk

Week Goals
11,000 steps every day
70 ounces of water at work

M 9/14- 35 minute walk
T 9/15- 5 min walk 2 min run = 30 min
W 9/16- 35 min walk - Abs
TH 9/17 - 3 min walk, 3 min run = 30 min
F9/18 -  20 minute fitness workout
Sat 9/19 - dumbbell arms Abs, 30 min walk
Sun9 20 - 45 min walk

I'm hopeful that starting with 2 goals for the week and a plan for every day will help jump start my healthy living plan.  I know I need to really re-manage my food life but I want to take a bit more time tracking calories of what I am doing to help make switches in the coming weeks.  So, if you see me on social media, please ask if I've worked out today!

Please share your workout routine for the week or your healthy plans for eating for the next week!

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