Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #8!

I was super excited to get my latest Stitch Fix box.  I had asked for some sleeveless shirts under $50 for my new job and shirts to possibly go with my new navy pants. 

I was excited about all of these things.  Especially the Filbert Henley shirt and the Pixley dress.  I had pinned the Pixley dress awhile ago and had gotten another pretty navy dress in place of it but I was stoked to get this one and try it!

Norris Abstract Houndstooth Sleevelesss Blouse

I really wanted to like this shirt.  It was soft.  It was flattering and it fit.  Plus goes with my navy pants.  However, even though this is a Petite size the back is long and it just does not flatter my behind.  After a lot of thought I'm almost 100 percent certain I'm sending it back.

Quilted Detailed Blouse

Once again I really wanted to like this shirt.  I love the color, it fits fabulously but it feels awful.  And there is something weird with the arms.  My husband walked in while I was trying it on and asked if it was my pirate shirt ha.  So, if this was a different material and the arms weren't weird I'd buy this in a heart beat.  Love how it looked on me!

Mesli Crochet Detail Blouse
There was nothing wrong with this shirt.  It fit.  But I didn't like the color on me and it also felt weird.  It had a metal button ish thing in the back that was interesting but made me feel like I needed to rip it off and eh...
Florence Colorblocked Dress


LOOOOVE THIS.However, this is a size smaller than I wear so it didn't fit.  It was too tight.  If I was 100 percent certain the size up would work I would ask to exchange.  Super bummed.
Filbert Abstract Henley Blouse
I'm thinking of keeping this one.  I'm almost sure I'm going too, mainly because I don't want to lose my styling fee.  It fits, it looks nice, it's flattering, I'm not innnnnn love with it but I do like it and I think it would be a good addition to my wardrobe.  It's soft.
Overall I was more disappointed in the feel of the shirts than anything.  Fit wise, minus the dress it all fit.  All things I'd love to wear except the coral/orange shirt.  Just stinks because I was hoping for more wows this time since I am in desperate need for some work shirts.
What do you think? What should I keep? Send back?
If you are wondering, what is Stitch Fix? I can help.  Stitch Fix is a styling service where you fill out an online profile, link a pinterest board if you want and like magic, a box of clothes appears at your house.  You get five items and you can try them on at your house, alone and with your whole closet to help you.  If you keep all five items you get a 25 percent discount.  If you want to keep one, you can!  Here is my referral link.  If you sign up using it, I get a $25 credit towards more clothes!

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