Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Reading: I just finished The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen.  I think I'm going to read The Lost Ones next or The Detroit Electric Scheme..

Loving: The beautiful green around me.  The view of my yard from the fire pit.  Friday night family fires that include a bottle of wine after the kiddo goes to bed.

Thinking: A lot of about the changes that are coming our way and how scary change is but how ready I am for a change!

Frustrated: About people's reaction to information I've shared with them about the change happening.  If you are not me, you will not truly get the horror of the last year people, so no, I don't really care about what you think is better for me. 
Feeling: Nervous.  Excited.
Anticipating: Our last three camping trips that are going to be a tad shorter than we had planned but still so much fun. I love Michigan lakes in summer!

Watching: Odd Mom Out on Bravo.  OH MY GOSH.  HYSTERICAL!

Sad: I've really been missing my grandpa.  And it's stirred up missing my grandma and how I wish I could share the awesome they were with Isla and that every kid had such an amazing pair of grandparents as that.  12 grand kids but each of us had a unique relationship with them and a unique memory to share.  Incredible.

Grateful: For change!

Listening: The Highway, Y2K Country or Margaritaville on XM.  I am going to be so sad when my trial runs out!

Wishing: to know the future

What are you currently reading, watching or anticipating? 

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